Monday, 24 January 2011

Karma Pixies?

Why is it that when you think that everything is beginning to sort out and all the disappointments from last year are overcome something happens to slap you right back down again.

I'll tell you why it is, The Karma Pixies won't ever let you get to enjoy too much "happy" before they double your quota of "Oh bl**dy h*ll"

My eldest grandson, who was 21 in December, has been doing an apprenticeship as an electrician for the past two years. In October he was told that the firm that was employing him as a placement would no longer employ him as they couldn't afford it. He had six modules to complete so he turned to the training scheme that does the college part of the apprenticeship and they said "Oh, you'll have to find another placement won't you" and left him to get on with it.

He has persevered and kept on going to all the companies around here that employ electricians and finally he found one willing to take him on for six months to finish his courses and get his certification.

He started work last Monday and was enjoying it.
He has just completed the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, Gold Award and is looking forward to going to Buckingham Palace in the spring to receive the award - I am sooo proud! That's him, in the middle, with the Duke of Wessex when the new centre for DofE was opened locally

On Friday he fell off a ladder and broke both elbows and his wrist. So he is now delayed for six weeks at least. Elbows are not good at healing. His mum and sister are looking after him because there are things that are extremely difficult with two broken elbows. I won't go into detail because it could embarass him and that's not my job.

I am thankful that he didn't hit his head when he landed but it is hard to be thankful for broken elbows.

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