Tuesday, 1 February 2011

We have hot water in the kitchen!

I have a hot tap again! and it is wonderful. Some of you might have read my post on November 12th when the tap broke and I was flapping around in the cupbard under the sink trying to turn off the isolation valve. It isn't something I want to remember but it was an experience so I duly photographed and blogged it - for the children LOL.
Today the plumber came and put in the new tap. I had quite forgotten what it was to turn on a tap and have hot water in the kitchen sink (ok so that bit's a fib because I have been carrying buckets of water from the shower-room) I was immediately fancying doing some baking just because there is running hot water, but even though the last chicken has been laying nearly every day since Christmas there weren't enough eggs to make muffins AND apple cake so Mr M had to buy eggs on the way home and I will bake tomorrow!
I have developed a sugar free muffin recipe that Mr M says tastes good. Little Miss agrees with him but my sense of taste is still missing so I can't tell.
I have also managed to get rid of some large insulated boxes (polystyrene ones that Lime tree Pantry send their pies in). They were too good to throw away and are perfect for putting bags of frozen food into in the back of the car to bring home from the supermarket. Or to keep food insect free when alfresco dining - especially if you are barbecuing and have cats around. I suddenly remembered that I could put them on freecycle and they were gone in 24 hours. I have now put the four poster single bed on there and had four replies so far.

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Sian said...

I'm sure it is so good to have that water running again :)