Saturday, 29 October 2011

Food Festival!

Today and tomorrow our tow.... sorry city, is holding a food festival. We thought we'd take a look. By we I mean my daughter and son-in-law, my granddaughter and me. Mr M doesn't do walking. At least not walking for a long distance. Not without painkillers and a walking stick. So he stayed home while we walked into the city centre (about ten minutes away) to look for this here food festival.
son in law in the background behind a rainspot on the lens
You would think that after they have promoted the event in the local paper and printed little booklets about it, that the council might have put up a sign or two, just to show us where things are. NO. We knew that there would be something upstairs in the market simply because there always is something upstairs in the market. When we arrived downstairs in the market there were no clues. We arrived upstairs at the end of a cookery demonstration. My daughter claimed the prize for spotting a chef when he wasn't in his cheffing clothes - she saw the man from the Hardwick restaurant.
the nice lady spent two years at ballooniversity in airshire learning to make Ariel the mermaid.
There were good things to try and lots of stalls in the main street. Chilli jam, chocolate brownies, lots of different jams and jellies and marmalades, breads and seeds and spices and Caribbean food as well as pies and cupcakes and a giant lobster on a cart.

"It's an Air lobster, Grandma, it's not real"
"It's not just an Air Lobster, it's an M&S Air Lobster" at least that's what my daughter said because it is outside our soon to be gone branch of M&S

We did enjoy it even if the walking has made my sciatica really hurt now. It was worth it.

I was thinking about saving my 100th post for the Storytelling Sunday but that's a whole week away and I couldn't wait once the Air Lobster was in the camera

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humel said...

100th post? Congratulations :) I couldn't have waited to share the air lobster either! I'm glad you found all the interesting feasts for the eyes and tastebuds, but sorry about the sciatica. Hope it's soon better xx