Monday, 9 January 2012

Anyone read blogger for dummies?

I have noticed on a few blogs here on blogger that some people have tabs at the top of their blog and a reader can click on them to see other pages and blogs by the same person.
I thought they were a good idea and I would like some.
I can't work out  correction I can't find out how to do it so now, of course, I simply must HAVE those tabs at the top of my main blog that link to my other blogs. Does anyone know how and would be prepared to email me step by step destructions?
I an right on the verge of drumming my heels and holding my breath until I go blue in the face and it is just because I don't know how to do it. Daft? me?
Well, I have been ill. I had the cold. You know that Christmas cold? there was only one copy in this house this time and even though I told Mr M he could keep it all for himself he simply had to share it. Wasn't that kind?
He had it for New Year and I received the first draft of my share on Wednesday last. By Saturday I managed to creep down stairs and huddle, wrapped in misery and tissues, on the settee. By Sunday night the worst was over and today I am improving every hour. My nose is still a neon red and very tender to touch but the cotton wool has gone from between my ears and the TV sound is no longer fuzzy and I don't need it to be on full volume just to hear it.
Our road, with just two of the horse chestnut trees left
in the school grounds. they were planted in 1910
In other news I won a prize on Wednesday. There was a Start Your Family Tree Week competition run by Brightsolid, the company that run Scotlandspeople and and Genesreunited. They wanted stories that linked the place you are now with an ancestor - or something like that - so I wrote about the house I live in now being opposite the gates of the school my father went to when he was 5. I told the story of his stepmother and the nun - I will save it for storytelling Sunday - and I was told that I have won a year's subscription to the British Newspaper Archive!
This is just so good! For those who don't do family history it might not seem too exciting to have access to the digitised pages of more than 10,000 newspapers. Some of them dating back to the 1700s. Trust me, if you have ancestors like mine who were actors and travelled about a lot then access to the local papers from small towns all over Great Britain and Ireland is essential and prior to November 2011 I would have had to travel to Colindale in North London to look at each and every paper individually. Oh, and to do that I would need to know which papers to want to look at in the first place.
I was fortunate to have been in on the beta testing of the website and I knew then that it was going to take me a long time and cost a lot of money to get every scrap of information. Now I have a year, paid for, to transcribe all those adverts and reviews. Just bloomin' marvellous.


Sian said...

It certainly sounds like an amazing resource.

It's been a while since I set up my pages and the Blogger interface has changed since then, so I'm not completely sure how I started. I know that now I have them, they show up beside "new post" and "edit posts" as "edit pages" and I click on that. Hold on, I just google "adding pages in blogger" and there is a great answer in the Blogger Help section

Ruth said...

Fabulous prize!

Ladkyis said...

I googled adding pages in blogger too and I was on someone's blog and I didn't understand what was written there.... I can see it is going to be too much like hard work - sigh.