Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A little bit Spooky

I was looking for something in the Fornow room last week, you know the room I mean don't you? It's the one where everything goes because you say "I'll put this in here, for now".
So, I was looking for some cut out cats. I had cut them out when I was still sewing. They were going to be doorstops when they were sewn up and stuffed but I hadn't got that far with them and the pieces were languishing in a bag in a box somewhere in the Fornow room and I had this idea of using the cutouts for applique on cushion covers as presents for Christmas - I know, I know but I like to be prepared.
I didn't find them, but what I did find was a camera that had belonged to my mother. it is one of those 110 cartridge cameras that came along after the fantastic Instamatic cameras that I loved.
I checked it and to my surprise there was a film in it. To wind it on to the end I had to take the remaining pictures - around 10 of them - and then I could remove the cartridge from the camera. I was going to look online to see if there was somewhere to send it but before that I asked my son-in-law if he could take it into the camera shop in town and see if they still developed that type of film. He said he would take it on Saturday.
Mum age 22
However, due to circumstances he couldn't take it until Monday morning. I bet you are wondering just when I will come to the point aren't you? Stick with me because this is good. Well, I think so.
He came back from town with the film and said that none of the places did that kind of film any more and the best camera shop in town suggested that we look online. So I did.
I found several places and they were all quite expensive - around £25 per film but there was one, Honiton Photographic Ltd, that was an eBay shop that was £9.99.
I took a look at them but there was no feedback so I was a bit wary, you just have to be don't you? They had a website so I took a look and there they had a phone number so I called it.
I talked to a very nice man called Andrew who told me about the company and I explained that I had found the film and would like to know if there is anything on it and he said that it was a bit spooky because on Saturday he had set up the eBay shop for just that reason. He said the hairs on the back of his neck were prickling because it was such a coincidence.
I totally spooked him out when I explained that I found the film last week and my son-in-law should have taken it to town on Saturday which was why I didn't bother to look online before. I clicked on the buy now button and today the film was posted to Honiton and as soon as it gets there Andrew will develop it and send me the prints back post free. I wonder if the pictures on the camera will still be ok, it will be exciting to find out...


Sian said...

That's the kind of find I dream about. It makes me wonder what on earth else you have stashed away..

I'm looking forward to the next instalment..

Ladkyis said...

If I say the "For Now" room is 2 metres by 2.5 metres and it is stacked to about 2.5metres high with boxes of .....stuff.Then there are the boxes of 'stuff' that my Dad brought with them when they came to live here. I can't do to much sorting of that lot before getting emotional so there should be many more discoveries.

Barbara Eads said...

I am so far behind with my reading, but had to comment. Old, unknown pictures---how exciting---especially for a scrapbooker. I can't wait to see what they are. Oh wait, I'm so far behind that you may have already posted them. That's okay, it gives me something to look forward too as I wade through all of these blogs I follow!!