Tuesday, 6 March 2012

This is going in the notebook...

We have a notebook. It's one of those cheap red ones with the spiral binding that is just big enough to slide a pencil into. We use it to record the things that Miss M says. I put some of them into a previous post here and on Sunday she gave us another gem
come to school as a character from your favourite book
My daughter does my ironing for me. I know, believe me, I know just how lucky I am. On Sunday my lovely Son in law was about to bring the basket of ironed clothes back up to our house - it's only about a hundred yards from her house to mine - and he stopped and asked their daughter, the Divine Miss M, if she would like to come with him to Grandma's house. She paused in what she was doing, looked straigh at her father and said
"No thank you, I have had quite enough excitement for one day."
Well, she had been shopping with her mum in the morning and then had a Macdonald's as a special treat. Oh and get this she ate the fries, fed the burger to the cats and then spread jam on the bun and dipped it in the tomato sauce and ate it!!
She tends to be a bit like me about meat. I can't eat poultry as it makes me itch. like the occasional lamb or pork chop or a piece of gammon occasionally. I love a steak as long as it is tender and cooked. my favourite food is ...........chips. I like fish, in fact I would prefer fish to anything. I could live on fish. Poached, baked, in a pie or pickled and on toast and if it had chips with it then I would be blissfully happy - I digress.

So we have put this latest utterance into the notebook and when she is grown up enough to bring home potential suitors we will have sufficient ammunition to ensure that the one that reacts properly will be the keeper.

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Sian said...

Oh, yes! I have a notebook. I call it "My Dangerous Notebook" and I suspect that yours coulde be described in exactly the same way :)