Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Postal charges!

I posted the calendars to my relatives and friends in various parts of the world. I also posted Christmas cards to relatives and friends in other parts of the world. The total bill for six calendars and seven cards came to
more than £46. each of the cards cost more than £2.50 to post - except one which cost something like £1.78.

I do wonder how long Royal Mail hopes to continue. The charges will go up again in April next year, as they have done every year. Part of me says that these are realistic charges for an expansive service. The rest of me says ..........WHAAAAAAAAT THEEEEE F...............!!!!!!

Rant over!
Feel better now. I shall go and tell my chickens all about it.


Barbara Eads said...

I have no idea what the exchange rate is, but it looks like you postage is way more expensive than ours. We pay 45 cents to send a letter or card. Although compared to your fees, it seems really cheap, it quite a bit more than the 4 cents I grew up with!! I wonder how long the post office will be in business.

Sian said...

I made the tactical error of letting my husband take some of mine to the Post Office. Now he knows how much I spend to keep in touch..

Anonymous said...

Yikes I thought ours were bad - I just $42. for 1 stamp to Europe, 12 to the US and 36 within Canada. At least the ones within Canada are the kind that even if the price changes I can still use them. Ok, that reminds me I've got to get those off today.