Monday, 29 April 2013

Come in and have a cuppa!

Once a month Abi invites us to sit down and share a morning cuppa with her. A chance to have a bit of a natter before getting down to the rest of the week. Why not take a look at Abi's blog? But not until after you have read mine ok?

 Let's meet in Morrison's cafe. I love that they only use free range eggs in their cafes - I told you I have rescue hens in my back garden didn't I? Well I do. I support the work of the British Hen Welfare Trust too because they rescue battery - sorry caged hens after their useful commercial life is over and these hens are given to people like me to look after into their old age.
I started in 2009 and while those girls have now gone to the big free range in the sky I still have my three girls in my little back yard.
The BHWT lobbies food manufacturers and commercial outlets to encourage them to use only free range eggs in their products and it is good to see that Morrisons are doing this.
I also like their coffee. As the store in our town is very new I feel it is important to support them - and I can do some shopping for essentials while I am here.
This is the point in the conversation when I kind of run out of steam. Usually because I have chattered endlessly about my chickens and suddenly seen your eyes glaze over.
They haven't? you want me to tell you more about them? did I mention that the lighter evenings might be wonderful for some but it is impossible to get the chickens into their house at a reasonable time. They seem to think that as long as it is light they should be out in the yard scratching at the dirt. I am afraid that the fox will also be out in the late evening and having already lost one chicken to him I like my girls to be in their small run with the bolt secured by about 6pm. The last two nights it has meant that I have spent half an hour persuading three chickens to go in for their supper. I tried ordinary corn and I have tried cake crumbs but I think tonight it will be the big guns and I will thaw out some sweetcorn, that should get them. They can't resist it and climb over one another to get at it.

Oh my! Look at the time, I must get a move on I have to bake a raisin and walnut loaf today and find something for dinner tonight. It was lovely to see you again - same time next month?


Maria Ontiveros said...

I find the information about your chickens and the rescue society fascinating! My girl Clara will be doing volunteer work with the local SPCA - working with dogs, but the intent (helping animals) is all the same. I wish we could have chickens.

Alison said...

Loved hearing about your chickens!
Alison xx

Ruth said...

I quite fancy a conversation about chickens!

Abi said...

My eyes didn't glaze over at all- you have given me a real insight into chickens and I love that you are supporting free range. Thank you so much for joining in.

helena said...

Sian has set me as the person to send you an interesting package of small things. I see you like clean and simple. What are your favourite colours? do you use ribbon? and I'll need your postal address - I'm on Helena underline catt at yahoo dot co dot nz

Barbara said...

How wonderful to have hens - I wish I had the room, my work colleagues and I knitted lots of jumpers for rescued hens last winter.

Nice to 'meet' you.