Saturday, 15 February 2014

Simply a Moment -February

It's 1.30pm we are just getting back into the car after lunch and shopping at Morrisons (we know how to live here in South East Wales). Lunch was not a great success, it wasn't busy but we still waited more than 30 minutes for our food and somehow it wasn't quite up to standard. The whole week has been like that, and it should have been perfect because it was Mr M's birthday week and he always has that time off from work so that we can do something special. This year the weather prevented any sort of going out and even the chickens decided that staying in bed was the best option.
I had managed to wash my hair in the shower this morning and as it still wasn't quite dry before we came out I simply brushed it back off my face and out we went, we ate lunch and did the shopping.
Two things I had not connected combined to make my moment.
1.  I have been allowing my hair to grow for the last year so that it can be put into a bun on the back of my head and I will then be the perfect grandma - Miss Boo told me this. So my hair is quite long now.
2.  It was windy.
We put the shopping into the car and as I came back from putting the trolley into its little house I had my back to the wind.
It went dark.
Well, it does when your hair blows forward and completely covers your eyes and you have one hand on the door and one on the seat to lift yourself up into the car - it's a Kia Sedona, the eastern version of the Chrysler Grand Voyager so you get up into it.
It made me laugh and because I laughed Mr M laughed and then looked and laughed more. This made me happy because it's the first time this week he has smiled as though he meant it

This moment is brought to you courtesy of Alexa at Trimming the Sails go take a look but make sure you have a cuppa and a biscuit to sustain you as the moments are just marvellous


alexa said...

I do love a happy ending! Many congrats to the birthday boy and hope the weekend makes up for any of the week's deficiencies. Looking forward to a photo of you in Grandma mode :). Lovely to see you in the Linky and thank you for joining in so regularly with Simply A Moment.

Sian said...

Oh, yes, I love a Grandma with a bun! My Grandma kept her long hair her whole life..and it stayed auburn until her 80's (sad to say, I won't be able to say the same..)

Hoping you are warm and dry

Ruth said...

Granny with a bun? Absolutely! I had momentary blindness yesterday, except it was my scarf and not my hair.

scrappyjacky said...

You are going to be the perfect granny.

Becky said...

My great grandma had a bun and I loved it! Bet you will look wonderful. Glad that you made the birthday boy laugh :)

Unknown said...

Nice little story, I'm sure you'll look great :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Ah, laughter makes a simple moment a happy one!

Miriam said...

Your moment is just marvellous too! I am laughing here at you both laughing there. Happy birthday to
Mr M.

Barbara Eads said...

There's nothing more disappointing than lackluster food that you've waited too long for! But it sounds like most of the day was pretty fun. When do you plan to actually start wearing the bun?? LOL!

Honoré said...

Wonderful day and I laughed out loud as I read your description of getting in the car, assisted by the wind, no less. Hope you'll share photos of your new hairdo.


Beverly said...

What a cute moment, i love when couples can laugh at the simple, unexpected moments in life. I am sure Mr. M enjoyed his time off since he had time with you.

Bev said...

thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for a little moment to make me smile

Missus Wookie said...

Oh what a lovely image of you with a bun. I'm growing my hair long but for Wookie and a ponytail rather than a bun. Thought of you (and was sure I'd commented on this post in Feb) as I went into a Morrisons whilst out house hunting this weekend :)