Monday, 6 June 2016

Memorandum Monday - Something has to give

We sent the three top cushions, the black and white ones, to north Wales for Eldest Son and family. This is all part of the campaign to empty the Fornow room. Miss Boo got to see her beloved cousins and the new cushions were welcomed FTW!

We went out to buy the "other" printer on Friday. We have a brother A3 all whistles and bells printer that drives us absolutely mad with frustration.
Why? I hear you ask, I know you were thinking it though. It has its paper drawer underneath it and the paper has to be picked up and fed through rollers up and around inside the back and then is printed and spat out the front - usually onto the floor because I have forgotten to pull the plastic stop thing out.
This happens only when it works. For some reason it hates photographic paper. The customer service asked if I had changed the paper quality in settings before I tried. I didn't get cross.
It will pull one sheet through and then fail with the next one. It does this on ordinary, standard printer paper - it even does it with the brother approved paper.
"The rollers might be dirty or greasy" said the customer service. What? from the first time it came out of the box? Does that mean you send out printers with dirty or greasy rollers?

Anyhooooo, Mr M was muttering about getting the axe out of the cellar so I suggested that these days a person can buy a printer cheaper than the replacement ink cartridges cost. He took this and ran - or rather drove with it.
He came home from work on Friday lunchtime and after a quick sandwich we were off. We did the tour around Staples because they always have stuff we desperately need. We found a printer for around £35 and as we came out I spotted the new Wren Kitchen shop. I went in.

I have found my perfect kitchen and now I am torn. Do I want to live in this house with my perfect kitchen for the rest of my life or do I want to move to a bungalow and have my perfect kitchen somewhere else - or would that just be doing what I have done for 50 years ... wait.

Then we went to see some cousins. Between us Mr M and I have a huge number of cousins and first cousins once removed etc and we are pretty close to lots of them. On Friday we sat down and ate a takeaway and looked at Mr Ms family tree and corrected some things and we talked and laughed and laughed and talked and it was one of those precious evenings that you want to put in your pocket and savour. We are going to do it again real soon.

The rest of the weekend passed in a warm and sunny blur. we were out most of it in our new car. We are getting used to it and might even keep it LOL

My thanks to Sian at FromHighInTheSky for inventing this meme and keeping me writing


Barbara Eads said...

I know what you mean about the fancy printer! Printers can be so frustrating. I bought a 12" printer and now can never remember how to use it. I mostly stick with my little cheapie one. Works great!

Sian said...

I'd love a new printer too, so I admire your just-go-for-it attitude. We used to have one that would print on card and brown paper and all sorts of things. The one we have now..won't. So if I want a scrapbook-y thing printed on anything heavier than paper I have to put photo paper in back to front and print on the wrong side. Obviously this is ridiculous.

Wishing you a good week

Susanne said...

I hate the process of watching an older printer wear out, I have never had to deal with a new one that didn't work properly. How frustrating. It always takes me quite a while to adapt to a new printer; and I always forget to pull the plastic stop thing out as well. Hope by now you are printing smoothly in all circumstances. It sounds like you've otherwise been having a great week.