Monday 8 May 2017

Monday, Mail and Me - The things we see

Let me say right away that the mail bit is a distinct fail bit as there were no letters or anything exciting in my mail last week. 
However, we did manage a little ride around on Sunday. We all have hobbies don't we? Mine is choosing which pictures to use and then cutting and sticking pits of paper onto other bits of paper and telling the story of our life together in a scrapbook. Mr M likes driving. Sometimes we go out and he will drive 200 miles while we talk and point things out to each other, and talk and talk and talk. There is never enough time to say all we want to.
I practise my 40mph photography while Mr M drives - perfect.

 He is pointing at the fruit trees in blossom and telling me to "Look at that mistletoe, even on such young trees"
 We somehow found ourselves in Leominster so we paused for lunch at the OK Diner and I saw this gentleman through the window. I think the hairstyle suits him. He had the look of someone who had adopted that style some time in the early 1960s and never needed to change
This was a quick snap of a suicidal motorcyclist. Actually there were four of them who all crossed the double white lines to over take us and the cars in front. Motor cyclists wonder why they get a bad press. This, this is why. They put their lives at risk and the lives of everyone else in this line of cars and for what? To arrive at the cafe 30 seconds before we do. We took the next left because we couldn't face the thought of being stuck in a traffic jam while they scraped them up off the road. This meant we travelled a different route and saw some very pretty places - camera totally forgotten as we admired the scenery.

My thanks to Sian for inventing this meme and keeping me writing


Eileen T said...

I agree with your comment on motorcyclists - a lot of them seem to leave their brains behind when they get on their bikes!

Sian said...

My FIL took the funerals of so many motor cyclists he forbade any of the family from even standing next to one. They frightened him very much.

I have a husband who likes driving too and now we are two again most weekends we do what you two do. And very pleasant it is!

Ruth said...

I do like a weekend drive with no real destination in mind. Although going out and about with The Boy Child means we invariably have a destination ...

Alison said...

I'm another one who enjoys a 'drive out'.... I was forced to drive to Benidorm tonight to pick up tiles (believe me, I wouldn't go to Benidorm for any other reason!) and caught myself thinking what a lovely drive out it was...until all the high rise buildings came into sight that is!! Xx