Thursday, 18 August 2011

Yahtzee, again Grandma!

Today I introduced Miss M to the delights of playing Yahtzee. If I say she loved it will you pardon me for seeming underenthusiastic. She was enthralled. OK so at six years old she doesn't do multiplication - or does she? When we started she didn't know what three fours made but when her mother came for her she said "Mummy what does three fours make?" "Twelve" said Mummy
"and Mummy, what do four threes make?" "twelve" said Mummy.
"Yes, and do you know what Mummy?" "No darling, you tell me"
"They always will, Mummy, three fours will always be twelve AND four threes will be too."

I am here to say that Mummy was suitably impressed even if she did remember that discovery from her own childhood. I love that she was adding up and counting and working out what she needed to get to fill which boxes on the score sheet. So much learning without noticing and so much fun. It doesn't matter that Grandma was totally yahtzeed out by 3pm and we needed to pack the set of dice and spare score sheets into Harry's bag so that she could take them home and play with Daddy before he went to work.
Harry's startled expression is because she pulled the strings a bit tight before slinging him over her shoulder. Usually he manages to get one paw out but not this time.


Sian said...

Lol! We like yahtzhee here too. It's always interesting because we have two mathematicians and two er non-mathematicians

scrappyjacky said...

We often played yahtzee when mine were little.....a great game.

Roxanne said...

Wow I love this. So much cool stuff. FYI - Bessie Hope had to have come to the States before 1921 cause my Dad - Leroy was born in Denver Colorado 7/6/1920.

Anonymous said...

Oh I haven't played that in ages. Love how she got into it.