Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sugar free lemon meringue

I don't have a photograph because I used my phone and now I have no idea how to transfer the picture to my blog but I made sugar free Lemon Meringue pie and it worked!
The Meringue was a little ..... delicate but that's because the sugar usually gives it strength and a bit of oomph. The splenda whisked into the egg whites just fine and it looked just like real meringue when I spread it on the pie - OH and the pie was just so simple to make. I followed the recipe in my good housekeeping cookbook.
I ate too much of it, of course, and it was extremely lemony. Well, it would be, wouldn't it, being made of cornflour, water lemon juice, grated lemon rind and two egg yolks. There's not much to deflect the lemony flavour of the grated rind of two lemons so it did kind of make my eyeballs bulge a little with the first mouthful. Probably because I just didn't expect it to be that flavourful.
Anyway, it was a great success, much much nicer than the pumpkin pie I made the other day. That was just...... goppin'! to quote my ex-army son.

oh and if anyone knows how to transfer pictures from my blackberry to the blog please tell me


Ruth said...

Gopping ... that is such a forces' word! Haven't heard it in years!

Barbara Eads said...

I've never tried Splenda for baking, but I've heard it's good for that. As for you pictures---you need to download the photos from your blackberry to your computer first. Then you can upload the to your blog.

Ladkyis said...

My phone and computer don't speak to each other. The moment the software went onto the computer it stopped working and I had to get an expert to take it off again - sigh. I will try and send it to myself by email

Sian said...

Email is how I do it. It's tedious but it works

humel said...

I love to really 'know' I've flavoured something - coffee cake, lemon, chocolate, whatever it is I like to really taste it! So that pie sounds lovely :)