Friday, 9 August 2013

Holiday Journals

Ruth over at EverydaylifeofasuburbanSAHM Has asked if we keep a holiday Journal, if it is a scrapbook and how we do it.
To quote Inego Montoya in "The Princess Bride"
"Let me explain, no it will take too long. Let me sum up"

The earliest holiday scrapbook I have was made in 1968. There are just a few postcards and no journalling. The first journal was done when the children and I went with my cousin and his wife - the Bluefunnels - to Scotland for three weeks I wrote about it and showed the pages starting here.
Ever since then I have taken a note book on holiday with us and made a daily entry. When we get home I photocopy the pages then make an album using notes and leaflets and entry tickets and other ephemora. I also make a single page for the annual album. I put the copies of the journal pages into the album so that the person looking has the choice of reading the entries or just looking at the pictures.

I tend to keep the holiday albums together and recently made a space in the guest room so that if our guests feel like a little light reading before settling down to sleep they can glance through an album. I did wonder if anyone bothered until recently when a guest told me at breakfast that she had really enjoyed "going through the Lake District last night before I went to sleep."

So that's how I do it. A notebook for the journalling and make an album when I get home.


Ruth said...

Sounds as though you've got the process down pat. I might have to try a few albums in the spare room to see if they get any takers.

Becky said...

I do a very similar thing, but haven't put the journalling/diary notes with the layout as I tend to put them with my annual diary. This year for the first time I went electronic and recorded my thoughts on my iPad and the. Printed them out for my diary when I got home

Missus Wookie said...

Sounds very similar to my 'passporter' for the journaling and memorabilia stuff and then bits in the annual albums too. Glad to hear you have had takers for reading through. I know when we were on the boat I enjoyed reading through the ship's log - full of daily entries :)