Sunday, 18 August 2013

They've got the builders in

From my kitchen window I can look down into my garden and make sure my chickens are ok. because we live on a hill the land falls away from the back of the house. This gives us the bonus of a cellar (you have to drop your voice into your boots to say that word in this house - long story but it was the late and wonderful Wheelchair Steve that started it). It also means that the house behind us has one bedroom window that looks straight into our kitchen - or if you live in number 1 That Street, my kitchen looks straight into the bedroom.
It has not been a problem for the last thirty-two years because the boy whose bedroom it is never opened his curtains from the time he reached the age of ten and before he was ten he was only in that room to sleep.

He grew up found a lovely girlfriend and moved to Cheltenham. Then his mother died and he and his sisters cleared what they wanted out of the house and sold it. The new owners have a lot of work to do because it had been neglected for a long time. They got the builders in. Polish builders. There is an Alley at the back of our house. the three houses in our block plus Number 1 That Street have access but the land actually belongs to us and to our neighbour Debbie. Try explaining that to someone who has unbolted the gate from the wall because "Is lock!"
"Yes" said Mr M "To keep people out"
"Is commune!" said the builder.
"No!" said Mr M being very quiet. "Is Mine. You ask and I will unlock." He pointed at the gate. "Fix this!" he tapped his watch and heldd up five fingers "Five minutes or I call Police"
He meant it too.
They fixed and every day I go and ask "Open?"
"yes please"
Entente cordial my.........

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Anonymous said...

Lucky they got the point. We had a friend who something like that happened to but it was the interlopers who called the police on them only to be told they were in the wrong and that in fact it was our friends' property.