Saturday, 31 August 2013

Berrington Hall - then Lunch

We had a day out with the Bluefunnels today. Our turn to drive so we get to choose. We took them to Berrington Hall, just north of Leominster. A fabulous property with grounds by Lancelot "Capability" Brownand the house was designed by his son-in-law. Built in local red sandstone and a really lovely place to visit. Now owned by the National Trust.

It has just about the very best Ha Ha we have ever seen.
Pardon me? You've never heard of a Ha Ha? Well let me explain.
A Ha Ha, or Haw Haw is basically a ditch with a wall on one side between a pasture and a lawn to prevent stock animals getting onto the lawn. Designed so that when you stand where Mr M and Mr Blue are standing and survey the view it looks as though the sheep or cows could walk righ up to the house because you simply cannot see the ditch. At Berrington Hall you can get within ten feet of the edge before you can see the ditch at all. Mrs Blue was impressed.

We enjoyed the house very much and then we went to the OK Diner for lunch. This is our end of the Summer treat. I had the beer battered cod, Mr M the all the way burger. Mr Blue had the Club sandwich and Mrs Blue had the Cheese and Mushroom burger with a salad. Delicious!! then we headed for the cheese shop in Monkton
 a brief stop to buy some lovely flavourful cheese as special treats and then heading for home through the wonderful Welsh countryside of the Wye Valley.
A stop at Bronllys Castle where we discussed just how difficult it would have been to storm a castle that was built on top of a slope like that. A quick reminisce from me over the fact that now there is a posh stiarcase for intrepid explorers to climb but when we first visited there was just a ladder pinned to the side of the slope.
Mr M insists that it was a wooden staircase but I think he had his rose coloured spectacles on because it was just wooden slats for your feet with thin wooden sides to hold on to - I think there were some bits of string to cling onto as well. Now we are all going to get down to some serious healthy eating and try to get fitter for next year. We still have a couple of days planned for this year. It's their turn next to choose and drive - I wonder where we'll go.....


Lesley McDade said...

Such a lovely idea to share the car with others to have a day out - just joined a social group in Inverness called Meetup - so getting to know the locals with evenings such as a pint and a chat and a pub quiz nite tomorrow - early days yet, but may be we can do what your doing when folks get to know each other better - share a care to a venue: All good fun.

Maria Ontiveros said...

This post made me smile because my husband lived in a college rooming house called "Barrington Hall."

Barbara Eads said...

Your outings with your friends always sound like so much fun. And you usually find some fun places for lunch too!