Sunday, 4 January 2015

A Review

Great grandbabies need lots of cuddles
Our Christmas and New Year were just fabulous. Such a contrast to the previous one where I was doped to the eyeballs with painkillers and antibiotics.
We experienced a Polish Christmas Eve with our new Daughter and Granddaughters - and of course, this cuddly great grandbaby, isn't he just peachey?
Then we had a British Christmas day and showed them a traditional dinner, which they loved. We pulled crackers and wore silly hats and stuffed our faces with so much food we could hardly walk to the sofa to sleaze for the afternoon.

Then we had a friend come to stay for New year. He set up the Mac so that I can now happily write and do the Society Journal. We pulled more crackers on New Years Eve and played Racing Elves until my sides ached from laughing. Wind 'em up and let them go and they go everywhere except down the track.

To put the icing on this metaphorical cake we had a Saturday night Christmas Dinner with two people who just have to be our most favourites. They are in that select group of humans that we can happily spent eight to ten hours with in confined quarters and still be arranging the next time we will get together. That's pretty special. The Bluefunnels are fabulous.

 Now I am wondering what the year ahead will hold. I have seen a couple of blogs where people are doing a year of books or something. They promise to read at least one book every month and to blog a little about it. I remembered that I started this blog to record all the books I read in a year but I kept forgetting to document them and then got distracted by stuff like Christmas Club and such.

I'll just note here that so far this year I have read
Valley of the Shadow by Carola Dunn and Where the Wind Blows by Sara Alexi
I have now discovered some murder mystery stories but I can't remember the titles and my Kindle is in the other room so you'll have to wait for that. I think I will simply write down the titles each week on my notebook and then put them on here It will be interesting to see how much my reading has slowed down

In the mean time I will continue to try and record the family stories and other stuff and take part in the scavenger hunts and do the scrapbooking pages for the new year and to try and put all the family stuff I have inherited onto pages for the reunion we intend having some time this year


alexa said...

So sorry to read you have been in pain and discomfort, but cheered that you seem to have fitted in so much fun despite it all. Warmest good wishes for 2015.

humel said...

Great to hear of such a lovely Christmas and New Year! Wishing you all the best for 2015 :)

Barbara Eads said...

Happy New Year!!! I wanted to share with you how I keep track of the books I read each year. I created a category on my Kindle "Books read in 2014." Then when I finish a book, I move it there. If I happen to read a print book, I simply download the sample to my Kindle and put that in the "books read" category. Before I had my Kindle, I had no idea how many books I read in a year.

Alison said...

'Racing Elves'! come I've never come across them before?!.....sounds like a fun-filled Christmas...very best wishes for the New Year xx

Eileen T said...

That baby is beautiful! I celebrated a Polish Christmas Eve once - great fun. Glad to hear that you had such a lovely Christmas. I look forward to hearing which books you read this year - I use Goodreads (free and online) to keep track of the books I've read and the ones I want to read.

Miriam said...

Happy New Year to you. From an entirely selfish point of view I hope you keep blogging your wonderful stories.