Monday 12 January 2015

Me on Monday - with a bit of Friday too

It's been a Dentist visiting, feeling ancient, weather watching, cardboard rescuing, shopping in Aldi, FH Society Journal editing ostrich eating kind of a weekend and it hasn't stopped yet.

We went to the dentist. Just the six monthly checkup but this time it was different. We saw - or were seen by the son of the dentist that has served us so well for nearly 40 years. He is just like his Dad! he made me chuckle with my mouth wide open, listened intently to what I had to say and discussed the future for my teeth. The last time I saw him he was about four so it was a "where-did-the-time-go" ancient making feeling.

Most of us have been at the mercy of the wind the whole weekend. We have stupid plastic sack things to recycle cardboard. They let in water and blow away of the breeze gets strong enough to ruffle the leaves on the trees. Mine was flattened against the front door desperate to get in out of the wind so it spent the weekend in the hall getting in the way.

I also began the task of editing the March Journal. I have warned everyone that I am standing down in October, I don't think they believe me so it will be a shock. All the fun has gone out of it. Time to stop.

We went to Aldi for bread and stuff and they had Ostrich steaks so we bought some and had them with Rosti and vegetables - delicious. We will definitely have that again. Now I am continuing to edit and swear a little but will be in my chair and knitting just as soon as I have collected Miss Boo from school.


Sian said...

Yep. I thought the doctors were looking younger than ever the last time I went to the Health Centre. Bit dispiriting, to say the least.

The ostrich sounds good fun to try. One for the bucket list! Have a great week, staying out of that wind. It's bad to hope that the old Christmas tree stacked up in body bags at the back door will blow away before we have to go to the dump, isn't it?

Barbara Eads said...

Ostrich steaks---really? Like meat from Ostriches? I never heard of that before. Sounds interesting.

alexa said...

Yes, I share your taken-abackness (not a word, i know!) about the youth of your dentist. It's when the GPs and police force members are younger than my daughter that it really gets to me! Not so sure about ostrich :(.

Alison said...

Have never tried ostrich...glad you enjoyed it xx

Deanna said...

Hello! I haven't been by to visit in a while! Ostrich? I don't know. Alligator is all the rage here, since we have so many. Glad you like your dentist! Good ones are hard to find. And how do you know until they have their hands in your mouth? Hope you're having a wonderful Thursday!