Monday, 19 January 2015

Me on Monday - partied out

Mr M and B-i-L
 It was an out for a birthday meal, party going, daytime sleazing and then eating with the Bluefunnels kind of weekend.
My lovely father-in-law had his 82 birthday on Friday so his three children and their spouses took him out for a meal. We had Miss Boo with us and she was really thrilled to be seeing her honorary great grandfather. She kept the conversation flowing. My Sister-in-law demonstrated the Welsh War Cry - apparently when in Cwmbran and one receives the bill for a meal one has to raise both eyebrows and say, in a VERY loud voice " 'Ow MUCH?"

Cousins catching up
It was cold out on Saturday, so we didn't go. We stayed in and while Mr M played on his computer I sat and knitted and half watched TV. then we slept a little in preparation for the evening. You see Aunty Dora is 90 and we were all invited to celebrate. She told us she didn't want any gifts but we should donate the money to Help for Heroes. We were only too happy to put some money into the bucket.

Darren "Graceland" Jones
For some reason there was very loud music, which made it hard to talk to one another and after the food we were entertained by Darren "Graceland" Jones. It seems that Aunty Dora is his grandmother - who knew? we didn't. He was good, he would have been even better at half the volume.

Mr M looked at me and I looked at him and we nodded. When we came home I asked if he had thought the same as me and he replied "What about there not being any music at the family reunion so we can actually here one another without shouting?" I nodded.

Sunday we had a dinner date with the Bluefunnels. We took our Tower of London Poppy up to show them and we went over the plans for the reunion. I have posted the invitations today even though I still don't have all the addresses that I wanted. I am going to rely on email for the rest.
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Sian said...

Even better at half the volume! Very funny. It sounds as if you had a great weekend: you've certainly turned it into a very entertaining post. Hope the week continues to treat you well

Deanna said...

I agrea with Sian... hilarious! Why do they think it has to be so loud? Are they singing over the talking or do you have to talk over the singing? Glad you had a good time!

Alison said...

I hate going places where you can't hear yourself think!...sounds like a very sociable weekend though xx

Eileen T said...

I can't stand it being too loud either - everyone just ends up shouting over the ever increasing noise level and I end up stressed out! Glad you enjoyed your celebrations.

voodoo vixen said...

I am with you, wish they wouldn't make the music so darn loud so you can have a conversation with your dinner guests... oh and thanks for the Radio 4 tip... have tuned it in and have it nattering away in the background as I type!! :) hugs Annette