Saturday, 12 September 2015

Great Grand-daughter's Birthday

Yup, Great Granddaughter had her birthday recently. I have to record this now so that it doesn't get forgotten, She has inherited the "one-liner" gene - and so it goes on from genreation to generation. Marvellous! Now here's the story.

When we arrived at the house she was waving to us through the window and was very pleased to see us. Then another car arrived.
"Oh," said I, "Lots of people are coming to see you on your birthday."
"Actually," she said as I raised the camera and focussed,"Actually it's because I am six and I am taller!"

She's not wrong.


alexa said...

Ah, how lovely! Her way with words is clearly inherited :).

Ruth said...

And she would be correct!

Gail said...

But of course!