Monday, 21 September 2015

Me on Monday - still high on Dragondaze

the Dalek at the ticket desk

playing games - serious stuff
It was a convention running, Dalek watching, money counting, old friend hugging, event post mortem talking kind of a weekend.

Having roped in YS and two of his children and their partners to help it was also a chancce for Grandma to get to know her granddaughters a little better. Youngest son had volunteered to run the raffle and the tombola. He had help in the morning from my ex-DiL and then his daughters arrived and their partners were set to work with him, selling raffle tickets and Tombola tickets. The girls spent a couple of hours ensuring that photographs were taken of all the Cos players and the various activities in all the rooms. Yes we took over the whole of the Newport leisure centre except for the fitness suite and the swimming pool.
The cafeteria once again ran out of food - it seems that no matter how much you stress the numbers some caterers think they know better. That's one of the joys of organising something. The Dalek successfully scared the bejaybus out of lots of small children. It's always good to give them something real to have nightmares about. We had a Moslem youth group doing ticket duty on the doors into the main hall and helping the traders to set up and take down their stands and those young men were marvellous
This is the third incarnation of Dragondaze, the name was invented by me for a Dungeons and Dragons tournament way back in 1984 and I am thrilled to have been involed with all of them over the years. This means that I have seen a lot of youngsters begin their involvement with Role Playing games and war games and live role play so having a handsome 40something come up to the ticket desk and introduce you to their 20+ year old son is both wonderful and aging, but it did mean that I got an awful lot of hugs from some really gorgeous young men and that's always a bonus.
Sunday we got up slowly because a whole day of standing and walking about makes your bits ache and pretty soon the main organiser arrived so we could froth about the day over several cuppas. The faults and successes were noted but not discussed fully and ideas for next year were also put onto the list - yes next year we might have a murder mystery live roleplay game running if I can write it in time.

The initial count of the proceeds suggests that we have made around £2000 for Barnardo's Young Carers charity. So I had a great weekend and today I am sleazing in my chair and crocheting slippers for Christmas presents while my brain cogitates on the sort of murder mystery game to run and the plot is already forming
My thanks to Sian at FromHighInTheSky for inventing this here meme and keeping me blogging


Sian said...

That's such a fantastic sum to have deserve to put your feet up for the rest of the week! Little E has just sent me a pic of himself posing with a dalek..I suspect the two of you would get on famously..

Louise H said...

Well done! It looked like a lot of hard work but sounds like you also had enormous fun. I can't believe you are already planning next years. Your dalek reminded me of visiting Madame Tussauds many years ago. My sister walked past a dalek and must have stood on a pressure pad. The dalek swung round and did it's 'exterminate' chant - scared her half to death too!