Monday 14 September 2015

Me on Monday - visits

It's been a Day out with Mr M senior, defeated by a titan Naan, sleaze for a while and then dinner with the Bluefunnels kind of a weekend

Mr M needed trousis so we decided to go to Kevin's in Westbury because they cater for the wider man. We asked Mr M senior if he fancies a day out and he said yes! I do love my father-in-law, he is a very special man. Kevin's didn't have the sort of trousis my Mr M was wanting so we pootled through the countryside. Mr M senior used to love to drive and was always going somewhere. These days he likes other people to drive so my Mr M delights in taking his Dad out for the day.

We stopped for lunch at the Seven Springs, a Hungry Horse pub. I had the oceans a plenty which, much to my disgust, they insist on serving on a sheet of paper on the plate. I intend going to the hungry horse website and telling them to stop being precious. Mr M senior had the gammon and Mr M had the Chicken Tikka Titan Naan. Mr M senior was the only one who ate all of his food. I left the chips and a couple of prawns and Mr M was defeateds by a Naan. he ate the chicken tikka and the onion bahgees that were on the top of the naan but he had to leave a third of the naan and all his chips.Oh the horse shoe you can see in the middle of the table had onion rings on it but we wrapped those in serviettes and brought them home. Mr M ate them for tea

Sunday we sleazed most of the day until we went up the hill to the Bluefunnels a fabulous roast pork dinner together with lots of laughter and non-stop talking. We brought home a complete dinner that Mr M ate today and three portions of rhubarb and apple crumble.

So a pretty quiet weekend really, almost mundane one might say - except that on the way home from the hill we encountered two horse boxes thrww police cars and a woman walking along the road leading a horse with a bucket..................... the woman had the bucket in her hand not the horse, it didn't have hands......... it was nine o clock at night and nearly totally dark and there was a queue of traffic behind the horse and the vehicle in front was flashing its lights to slow us down. and then a little further along the road an ambulance flashing its lights went past us. I will tell more if I ever find out.

My thanks to Sian over at FromHighInTheSky for inventing this here aide memoire, why not take a look at her Monday now that you've seen mine


Louise H said...

If there is a spare portion of crumble send it my way - love crumble, but only with custard. I find it so frustrating when you see an 'occurance' but then can find nothing in local papers, on the news etc... (perhaps I am too nosy for my own good!) hope it doesn't stay a mystery.

Sian said...

I love a crumble too (though I can take or leave the custard).

A FIL to love is a wonderful thing indeed. I still miss mine after twenty years.

It sounds like a great weekend. I hope the week continues well