Saturday, 9 April 2016

A Day out with the fambley

the face of Boo after eating half Grandma's fudge brownie

Grandpa watching every mouthful - just like Grandma
We went out for the day and as the Easter holidays are coming to an end and Daddy, aka Biker Boy had to work today we took Mummy and Boo with us.

We went to Cadbury Garden Centre, which is now a Wyevale one so not quite as interesting as it used to be but still huge and would take a whole day to really explore. Boo scored a point from each of us here. This is how it happened.

Boo: "The last time we went to a garden centre a man was singing at us"
Mummy: "How come he could sing but you slap me if I do?"
Boo: "It's rude to slap strangers"

I found the trough I need for lettuce - nope I am not going to explain. I will photograph the results if the experiment works. Then we stopped for a Costa coffee and I treated myself to a fudge brownie... I say I treated myself but my daughter paid but you know what I mean...
Anyhoooo, Boo was hungry and Mummy wasn't sharing her cheese toastie thingy so she had half my brownie - which is good for me.

Go to the Seaside, ride on a donkey
Next we went to Weston Super Mare. Boo wanted to see the sea and we nearly could. The beach ( use that word advisedly) at WSM is very flat and mostly mud with a sprinkle of sand on top so the tide goes out a long way. It doesn't help that the Bristol Channel, as this bit of water is known at this point, has the second highest tidal rise and fall in the world. Second only to the Amazon River. We could see the subtle change in the grey of the beach for the grey of the water

 What you can see behind the donkeys is the wet estuary mud, and there are warnings that there are patches of quicksand too - exciting place WSM.

Boo had a ride on the Donkey and is now in love with the little fella.
When life serves you lemons . Suck it up!
Grandpa scored a point here but to understand
why you need the background. When Mummy was a baby a nasty person gave her a squeaky toy. I removed the squeak, well that's what mother's do, yes? She maintains that she was a deprived child because she thought all squeezy toys just fuffed air and didn't make a noise.
While we were seated at the table eating icecream a little dog yapped behind me.
Mummy said to Boo "You could have a dog like that."
Grandma: "One that makes that noise?"
Mummy: "Oh we'd have it silenced"
Grandpa: "Sorry, but you can't take the fuff out of that sort."
Collapse of the adults around our table. We had to explain it to Boo.

We rode along the promenade on the Land train. I am still re-learning this camera carrying thing so forgot to take pictures of the train. The wind was a very lazy one, it would rather go straight through than go around so by the time we got back to the car we were all absolutely frozen. This meant we simply had to stop at the Hungry Horse for lunch

Boo tucked into a burger with chips and beans, I had rump steak and once again it was exactly how I like it. Mummy had the "Oceans a Plenty", which has all sorts of fishy goodness in it but is far to much for me to eat.
Grandpa had the Chicken Tikka Marsala BAnquet and again the Nan bread defeated him.
Our next stop was Costco, bought pork chops and beetroot and strawberries as well as butter and tissues
 Then we came home the pretty way through Dursley and Gloucester and then along the A48 through Westbury on Severn, Minsterworth, Lydney and Chepstow.
By the time we got home Biker Boy had just come home from work so he helped to carry all the stuff into the house and then we had a cuppa before they went home and we settled down to download pictures and write blogs.

A really excellent day out.


Sian said...

It certainly sounds like an excellent day out. Maybe I've said before how much the mention of Weston takes me back to being five, and a trip to relations, and a ride with my dad on a little train. That was a good day out too.

All the best to her with the new term at school

Susanne said...

That was quite a full day out - and happy that you only heard about the quicksand, and not actually experienced it.

Missus Wookie said...

Weston Super Mare on a donkey - one hoped it was female... Costco gets tacked on to the end of our days out as well. Good timing to have someone arrive home as you do so they can help unload!