Monday, 25 April 2016

Memorandum Monday - 10 hours? goodness me

Breakfast at Jo's

Labels Outlet, they always have something we desperately need
We should have been taking the Bluefunnels for a day out but Lady B rang to say that they were both suffering with "the Virus" and wanted to stay at home and snooze in front of the TV, at least that's what the Admiral was going to do.
We asked DD and Miss Boo if they fancied coming with us and they said yes so breakfast at Jo's and then a quick visit to Baileys before a coffee stop at Labels Outlet at Ross on Wye.
DD decided to really indulge herself at breakfast and had a milkshake with cream and stuff on the top. Miss Boo had two sausages, bacon, beans and toast and scoffed the lot.
She told me that she likes to go out with us because you never know where you will be.

We headed north-ish but avoided the motorway because you can't play the legs game on motorways.
The legs game? Have you never played it?
It was taught to me by a man called Don Turnbull who was the UK boss of a games company called TSR. The produced games like Dungeons and Dragons.
Anyhooo this is how you play.
You take it in turns Beginning with the driver.
OK Diner colouring inside the lines
You see a pub it must be on the side of the road you are driving on so in the UK it will be on your left. It must have the entrance on the road you are travelling on so if it is on the corner and the entrance is on the other road then you have to wait for the next pub. You look at the name and score the number of legs indicated.
There are restrictions. For example The king's/queen's/saracen's head scores zero because it is only a head not the whole thing. The same with something like the Blacksmith's arms - no legs so zero.
The turn goes to the next person no matter what the score. The Badger's wood is also a zero - incase any of you are around Tadley in Hampshire. OH and for multiples like The Cricketers then you score the minimum amount of legs required to play a game - four for the Cricketers because you only need a batter and bowler. Fox and hounds? four for the fox and eight for the hounds because that's the minimum for it to be plural. The game ends at the end of the journey.
DD won with ten points.
We ended the day near Leominster so we had a late lunch early dinner at the OK Diner. The lady who served us on Monday recognised us and looked behind us to see if the screaming hordes were following us this time too. DD said it was ok because she has the talent of emptying places so she cancelled us out.
We were all pretty tired by the time we got home and that was when Miss Boo did the maths and informed us that we had been out for ten hours.

My Thanks to Sian at FromHighInTheSky for inventing this meme and keeping me writing


Susanne said...

Nice outing. The legs game sounds fun, except for the part of having to know about cricket - there you lost me.

Barbara Eads said...

The legs game sounds like so much fun. Unfortunately, we do not have cute pubs with those types of signs. But, I'm sure we could modify the game to just include legs found on billboards. This will be something new to try on our family vacation this summer. We're always looking for a way to pass 7 hours in the car!

Sian said...

Now, we do know about cricket here, but we are not so big on pub signs. Yours are fascinating. Ten hours sounds like a completely comprehensive trip :) excellent!

alexa said...

That sounds like a complicated game! Looking st those photos, your trip was a happy success.

Alison said...

The legs game sounds like fun! Xx