Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Memorandum Monday - late with good reason

Tre Fawdre Cottage. It is in the farmyard of a working Dairy farm
So we met Tommy the dog and Rosie the chicken. 
I am late because we stayed in North Wales for the weekend and came home in a leisurely fashion down the A5 and A49

The weather forcast said it was going to be wet and cold and miserable but we didn't care. We drove up on Friday, taking our time because the rain was lashing down. We saw the VW camper vans converging on Oswestry and felt kind of sorry for them being in a field full of mud for a weekend.

Today it is mostly Raining
We had paused for a snack at the OK Diner in Leominster - as we do - and then we headed north again. Stopped for a late lunch at the OK Diner at Northop on the A55. We know how to live eh?
Called Eldest son to say we were here safe and then settled into our weekend abode.
On Saturday, after breakfast at Morrisons in Rhyll, we met up with the family at Bodelwyddan Castle where Mr M nearly scored a point when he and ES played at being a weather clock - you know the ones that had a little man and a little woman on them and depending on the weather as to which one was outside.
Well, they made me laugh. The good thing was that Mr M reminded me about the camera around my neck so I took pictures

Today it is sunny
After a short game of chess in the courtyard, where a five year old and a six year old just wanted to carry the pieces around and the adults insisted on the correct moves we decided to go back to the family home and spend the afternoon chatting and snoozing and that's what we did. The boys played in the garden because the weather was cold but dry and sunny. Mr M, or Grampa was in constant demand, especially by the 5yo who thinks he has magic powers, and only managed a brief snooze while they boys were having their shower.
We got to cuddle the new baby a lot, which is always a Good Thing, and I managed to talk with my lovely DiL. We ordered takeaway for dinner and suddenly it was 9pm and I was falling asleep where I sat. Back to the cottage
Sunday morning football

Sunday morning and MJ is to play football - in the league! I have no idea which league, that wasn't important. All we had to do was be there. And we were.
I am not a spectator. I only ever enjoyed those sports I could take part in and even those I didn't watch just entered did my stuff and then sat about waiting for it to finish. We took our chairs, wise move, we sat huddles as the lazy wind tried to go through us rather than around and we watched a bunch of under seven's play their little hearts out. They were all brilliant and the best bit for me was the way the team coach for "our" team was shouting out praise and encouragement to both sides. If any child on that pitch did a good pass or a neat capture of the ball or anything good they got praise from him and you could see how much they liked it. Gosh he was good. Lunch at the pub and then they had to do shopping and we decided to go back to the cottage and sleaze to Father Brown for the afternoon.
Monday we were up early and packed and away to Morrisons for breakfast. After that we had to go back and collect my knitting bag which had snuggled down in a corner and hidden when we packed the car. Then we came home
Did I learn anything? yes of course I did. I learnt a little more about MJ and his brother JA, I learnt just how happy my Eldest Son is with his life now and mostly I learnt just how delightful my DiL is. She is such a shy person that it has taken a while for us to get to know each other but I think we are developing a relationship and that makes me really happy

My Thanks to Sian at FromHighInTheSky for inventing this meme to keep me writing.


Patio Postcards said...

Having happy children is a gift & what a bonus adding in a DiL. Happy week ahead

Sian said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend, with plenty of good bits to think about all week

alexa said...

I smiled at your weather people - I remember weather clocks like this from my childhood. And my parents lived near where you were staying so I know those places very well. Lovely to see them again!

Susanne said...

Enjoyed your snaps and hearing about your weekend, do keep writing.