Monday 27 February 2017

Mondays, Mail and me - What's this?

I didn't get much mail this past week. Everyone else did. You thought there were just the two of us and Youngest Son at home now? That's right, but mail for Darling Daughter, Favourite Son-in-Law and Miss Boo still comes here, especially parcels because I am always here and they are always at work and school. So FS-i-L had parcels, YS had a parcel. Mr M had a parcel. I had a credit card bill, which I promptly gave to Mr M. It was the subscription to so I can continue to research the family history.

We saw the first of the crocuses in Newnham on our way to go shopping. This means that the daffodils should be blooming in a week or two. You can just see their heads turning over. If ever you want to see the most glorious herald of spring display then Newnham is the place to go. Good luck with trying to park but a slowish drive up and down the street is just as good

 We went out for shopping on Sunday because Saturday was wet and we stayed in and kept warm. We decided that we would go "for a little ride" first and as a result we stopped for lunch in Morrisons - in Leominster and then did the shopping. While I was waiting for Mr M to come out of the loo I saw this and I wondered. "Why would you wear shorts on a damp cold February day" I wondered, "and more to the point if you are wearing shorts on such a day to show how tough you are then why the bobble hat?"
Then I realised! Someone has told him that you lose 90% of your body heat through the top of your head. He is wearing it to keep his feet warm!
 Sunday was a dull cold day too. Not when it started but as it got going the wind picked up and the cold swept in. We discussed it briefly as we came home the pretty way - through the Wye Valley. Not the picturesque bit between Monmouth and Chepstow that I wouldn't give tuppence for but the best bit up in Breconshire where it is wide open and the river sweeps down through all deep and flast flowing and looking kind of dangerous.
When we got home we found out that another storm had visited us and caused the wind and rain and the mists swirling around the tops of the Black Mountains.
So not much mail but a lot of interesting stuff and some "Quality Time" while trying to do 40mph photography

My Thanks to Sian at FromHighInTheSky for inventing this meme and keeping me writing


Sian said...

The shorts made me laugh! I'm getting used to the youth of today never wearing a coat..but shorts??

Bev said...

young people think they are so cool!! lol
i enjoyed every last word.

alexa said...

A very entertaining read, and some lovely stormy scenery to admire. Smiled about the shorts - one of the post people who delivers our mail often wears them in winter and I have no idea why!