Monday, 13 February 2012

I need a man with a gun...

Last night a fox killed Whizzy-chick. So the countryside has arrived in the city centre. We heard a funny thumping noise at about 11.30pm and Mr M looked out the kitchen window down into the garden. He could see "stuff" floating in the air and a big cat or something on the garden. It ran off when he opened the window so we grabbed torches and rushed out. The fox must have been laughing his socks off watching me clambering down the steps one at a time because of my sciatica. The garden was full of feathers. Whizzy was in her death throes and poor sweet Amber had done what chickens do when they are afraid and hidden her head in a corner to try and be invisible.
Whizzy (brown) and Amber (white,speckled) 
The inside of the hen house was also full of feathers and the perches had been knocked over. As we were examining the damage the bl**dy fox poked his head over the wall to see if we had gone! I threw a stone at him and so did Mr M.
We resecured the hen house, captured poor little Amber and put her inside then shut the door on the small run instead of leaving it open so they could go into the garden. Knowing how clever foxes are I also put a cable tie through the hasp on the laying box and tied a knot in it. Mr M put a brick on top too. We went back up the steps and into the house and by the time I had taken off my shoes and put on my slippers the fox was back on the wall again. Mr M filled the giant syringe with water and opened the window. Mr Fox didn't turn a hair so Mr M whispered "have some of this you bas......." and squirted the water. Foxy beat a hasty retreat. Mr M refilled and waited. Foxy came back about ten times and received the same treatment eventually we heard a bird screeching from the big hedge behind the factory so we think he found an alternative for his dinner.
This morning Amber has stayed in the house even though I opened the pophole. Chickens give up very easily and turn their face to the wall and wait to die so she could still just stop living. Now I have to review the situation. I have just one chicken, they are social birds and like company. Do I get more or do I take her to my cousin who has a few chickens and let her have company and I give up having chickens ever again? Jury is still out.

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Sian said...

I'm very sorry to hear this. And I'm glad you gave him a bit of water cannon treatment. Sod.