Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sometimes I am so proud

four generations of strong women
Today my daughter has begun a superb birthday cake for her daughter. She has designed it and learnt how to make the kind of icing that is called pastillage or something so she can make towers with pointy tops because the cake is to be a princess castle in pink and lilac with round pointy towers and a moat and everything - including a prince and princess. All this on top of a full time job. I think she is wonderful. But you know that don't you?

She wrote us a poem. I have kept it by my computer for several weeks now because I love it. I didn't want to share it straight away because I was afraid it might dilute it somehow. It won't, of course, but I was reluctant to share - selfish that's me. Anyway, I read it again tonight when I sat down and I thought that now I am ready to share.
Two wonderful words
That I am glad to say
You are mine.
You are always there
To hold me tight, yet never
Hold me back.
You are my support
And Cheer Squad, and keep me
Smiling even when
All I want to do is cry.
You believe in me, even
When I doubt myself.
You are interested in my life
But not interfering.
You are special to me
And to my daughter who
Gives you the best title
Grand Parents
Cause that's what you are

Isn't that fabulous? I will be putting that in a frame and hanging it in my bedroom because I want it to be there where I can see it.
Sometimes I am so proud

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Barbara Eads said...

Things like this are what parents live for! Your daughter sounds like a wonderful woman. I think she had a great role model!