Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My Daughter

I have a beautiful daughter. Did I tell you this already? Well, I need to say it again. I have a beautiful daughter. It's not her birthday, she hasn't broken any world records it's just that she has been in my head all day for a simple thing that she did. She made a chocolate egg. I think I should start at the beginning.

singing along to abba
Yesterday, to deal with the after effects of the fox attack on my hen house I thought a little retail therapy would be good so I got Mr M to take me to "The Range". I just knew they would have something I desperately needed and I still had some Christmas present money in my purse.
I bought pigment inks and a bumper bundle pack of goodies and some butterfly stickers - oh and several rubber stamps. Mr M bought the birthday presents for two little girls who will be seven at the end of the month and he also bought an easter egg mould. He said that WSD (wicked step-daughter) would have great fun with it and she could use it for the party she is holding for one of those seven year olds.

laughing about the ballooniversity in airshire
She was thrilled with it and thanked her WSD (wicked step-dad) for thinking of her. Later that evening she sent a picture to my phone of the egg she had made. It is made of dark chocolate and has a round panel in it made of white chocolate set into it with the letters WSD written on it.

She gave it to him tonight and he was really thrilled. That's the way she is. She cares deeply about other people and works hard to make sure that those people close to her have everything they want. She is a wonderful mother, far better than I ever was. She has so much patience with her daughter that I envy her sometimes. I am so proud of her my heart swells fit to burst and I daren't speak because I would cry. She infuriates me occasionally because she can be stubborn (just like her mother) but even then I am still so proud of her for being so independent and for being such a wonderful daughter that my frustration disappears.

She has been in my head all day so I thought I would tell you about this quirky, beautiful, articulate, smart, sassy, did I say beautiful? woman I am proud to call my daughter


Sian said...

Saying what's on your mind and in your heart - that's what Valentines Day is all about, isn't it? Nice one!

Ladkyis said...

I didn't realise it was Valentine's day! That makes it even better.