Sunday, 30 November 2014

At Christmas We...

AJ age two and a bit putting on her new slippers 4.35am Christmas Day
Never used to put up the Christmas tree until Christmas Eve. It was the duty of the youngest generation of the family to decorate the tree so this fell to me every year as I am an only child. I continued this tradition with my own children throughout my first marriage.
They would spend all day bickering and playing as well as decorating the tree and by bedtime they were usually exhausted and went to sleep almost immediately only to be awake at 5aam.
Mr M was brought up differently and his tree was always up and decorated by the middle of December. My children thought this was a much better idea so for the last 33 years we have been tinselled and beribboned by the 14th.
I am grudgingly coming to believe that this is a good thing, although I do sometimes think that giving the small children the task on Christmas Eve made the time go a little faster for them and kept them occupied.
Perhaps I can reinstate it for the great grandchildren eh?

Perhaps not.

My thanks to Sian over at FromHighintheSky for giving me the focus I needed to tell this Christmas Club Story


Sian said...

I love the story. And I love the photo - it conjures up that time when we all had dressing gowns like that and wallpaper, too. Wonderful!

alexa said...

I share your feelings about the tree - and mid-December is way early enough in my book. I so agree with Sian about the photo - I remember thick dressing downs like that too. Lovely memories that spark my own.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't thought about dressing gowns like that in ages. Thanks for reminding me of them. As for the tree when I was a child we put ours up the week before Christmas - but then it stayed up till Epiphany. Now, it's usually up by the 1st and decorated a day or 2 later.