Monday, 17 November 2014

Me on Monday - aching

It was a guest arriving, catching up on 15 years, child minding, Costco visiting, present buying, dining with the Bluefunnels sort of a weekend.

Steve arrived on Friday. His parents had collected him from the coach and at last he was here, all the way from Atlanta. His wonderful wife, Robin - who just happens to be my soul sister - had sent me some exquisite presents. Steve had brought the Milk Duds requested my Miss Boo so we talked the evening away until Mr M arrived home from work. He brought pasty and chips for Steve and fish and chips for me and him. As soon as Steve was full the tiredness and jetlag grabbed him by the eyelids and took him off to bed. Miss Boo was with us because Mummy and Daddy were going to see Big Mac's Wholly Soul Band. They were disappointed because at the time the show should have started the drummers kit was still in the flight cases and the PA system was not even visible. They left and went to the pub instead

Saturday we went to Costco, where they always have stuff I desperately need - even if I don't know it until I get there. Presents for the great grandchildren, loads of things that would be great presents but are too heavy to post. Steve went to visit some friends and I did some serious crochet.

Sunday and Steve went to lunch at his parents house while we dropped Miss Boo off at her Gang Show rehearsals and then went shopping. We took Steve up to the Bluefunnels for dinner. It has been longer than 15 years since they last met - it was a Dungeons and Dragons campaign and Lady Bluefunnel was playing a magic user - she had a spell that could kill us all and kept wanting to use it but that's a whole other story. We caught up on the adventures of the past few weeks - they have been to Cornwall and London we have had a funeral with all the attendant familial harmony. We laughed, we talked, we ate, we discussed one upmanship and name dropping and gave Steve lots of amunition based on the "When my friend went to Highgrove for cocktails" story. Then we came home and fell into bed by about 10pm.

That's me on Monday, preparing to sit and crochet squares of leftover yarn and do not very much until I collect Miss Boo from school, feed her and get her to Brownies.Joining in with Sian at Fromhighinthesky why not join in too


Jane said...

sounds the best sort of weekend.

Sian said...

As weekends go, this one sounds excellent!

I hope the week continues in similar vein

Alison said...

Sounds like one of the better mins of weekends xx

alexa said...

Lovely to see friends from across the water, isn't it? I like the thought of 'serious' crochet!