Monday 24 November 2014

Me on Monday - Cardamoms?

It was a recipe seeking, bed changing, sheet washing, card writing, present knitting, watching the Roosevelts kind of a weekend.
I was looking for a recipe for mushroom curry because we had some at Mark and Jo's and it was delicious but they still haven't given me the recipe. I know, I know I should wait but I am like Inego Montoya in The Princess Bride, I hate waiting. So I did an online search and peered at lots of pictures looking for something that looked like what we had. I found a recipe and then I had to look up cardamoms because I have never seen them and I didn't know anything about them. What do I find? you can buy them at Amazon! for goodness sake! a book store that sells spices.
Our lovely guest has gone home to Atlanta now so I stripped off the bed and prepared it for the next guests and then put the bedding into the machine. While it was chuntering away I wrote my Christmas cards. Then I realised that I hadn't written the letter-for-friends that goes into some of the cards so I sat down and did that. Washing still not done so I elevated my legs and knitted for an hour and then it was time to cook dinner.
Sunday evenings for the last few weeks have been devoted to The Roosevelts on PBS America. Absolutely fascinating. Final two and a half hours next Sunday.

And that's me on Monday, sleazing and not doing much until I cook the Ostrich steaks for dinner and then watching TV and knitting afterwards.
Sian over at FromHighintheSky made me do this - I lied she does it and I join in


Sian said...


You've got some good stuff in there. Cardamon from Amazon? Who knew? You learn something new every day.

Hope the week is a good one for you and that you get to enjoy a mushroom curry or two

Miriam said...

Honestly, if you can't get it from Amazon these days, you don't need it! I love the sound of mushroom curry, I love mushroom stroganoff, it would make a good change.

Becky said...

Looks like you had a good weekend - I bought some allspice berries from Amazon for my Christmas chutney - I was amazed too!

debs14 said...

Amazon for spices? Whatever next!