Monday 10 November 2014

Me on Monday - to the Rescue!

It was a scaey FB status, sigh of relief, now how do we get his car to Bristol? sort of a weekend.

My youngest son, seen above second from the right in the "team photograph", had an accident in work on Thursday. We first got the news through Farcebook when his status revealed that he was at the local hospital. We had to wait until he was sent home for the phone call to explain what had happened. He works as a truck driver - those huge Wilkinson articulated things you see on the motorways are what he drives - and the depot is here in Newport, but he now lives in Bristol. His work colleagues got him home but his car was still in the car park at work. He can't drive because he damaged his ankle when the trailer he was standing on collapsed under him so it was up to us to get his car back to his home.
We have not been to his home. We are totally unfamiliar with Bristol. Getting directions from whatever program Mr M used is PANTS. Thank goodness for mobile phones.
My daughter drove his car and followed us because we had the instructions. She has driven that car once before and off we went! Can you imagine what I would have been like six months ago, when I was on the other medication? Well!
I read out the instructions and Mr M tried to put them into what he was seeing. Follow the Portway for 8.1 miles. At the roundabout do whatever.... there was no roundabout, just a very strange junction with lights. I noticed the swingbridge briefly as we passed and then we were also keeping an eye on whether the others - Miss Boo and her Mum - had managed to get through the lights and so on.
We paused and rang Youngest Son. I perused the instructions and realised that we might just have done several of the things without knowing. Youngest son confirmed that we were in the right place. We continued on and eventually pulled into the right place.
Then we had a bit of a surprise when my sweet daughter-in-law cooked for us. Amongst the things we had was the most delicious mushroom curry. I can't wait to have the recipe because it was just perfect and I would love to make it for us. A lovely afternoon getting to know my new granddaughters and to hold my new great grandson. and a chance for them to get to know us. Miss Boo is delighted that she has new cousins and now she can't wait for Christmas when they will be coming over to us to stay.

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Sian said...

Now that's sounds like a weekend with a bit of everything - adventure AND a happy ending. Brilliant!