Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Left over icing? no problemo

What do you do when you have completed the Halloween gingerbread house - yes we were a bit late but the weekend was full - and there is still icing in the tube?

Well, when you are nine and two thirds you squeeze it into your mouth. We have such fun after school.  I was lucky to get her attention on the gingerbread house because I have just introduced her to Calvin and Hobbes. I figured that as she can now read the words and she has a good working vocabulary it was time to open up the world and there is nothing better than Calvin and Hobbes

I asked her to think about her relationship with Harry bear and how we adults see him as a stuffed toy but when they are alone he can talk and do all sorts of things - She is pretty good at keeping a straight face but there was that single moment when she looked at me and wondered just how I knew. Now she has read a quarter of a book of C&H cartoons and she believes that this is how I know about Harry....................... 

Grandmas are wonderful - In fact Miss Boo said exactly that yesterday as she was sticking bats on the gingerbread house "It's lovely having a grandma that can knit and crochet and scrapbook and do crafts" pause for one, two, three beats "You can sew too can't you Grandma?"
"yes, I can"
"Oh that makes you nearly perfect."
"only nearly?"
She grinned
I grinned and added " I can't tap dance though."
She grinned again.

When Miss Boo was born my daughter expressed a wish for her to have the same relationship with me as my daughter had with my mother.
I think our relationship is as different as it could be and is still one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done after bringing up my own tribe.

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