Monday, 23 February 2015

Me on Monday - catching up

 It was a let's go to the Range and buy a frying pan, Oh let's go to Curry's and look at DAB radios, let's go for a little ride, Oh there's Jo's Place let's stop for lunch kind of a weekend.

I saw an advert on TV for a frying pan that is guaranteed non-stick and as Mr M is not happy with any of the many pans in the cupboard I thought we might give one a go. We were very strong and only bought the pan, not even looking at the craft stuff that was calling my name.

Then neither of us wanted to go home so we set off up the A449. Oh Look there's Jo's Place we can have an early lunch. So we did. Each table has a different salt and pepper set and our table had the chickens, cute eh?

We carried on up to Ross on Wye where we turned off towards Hereford.
"Do you want to stop there?" asked Mr M as we came in view of the strange shop - I think it is called Bailey's - it has all sorts of reclaimed stuff like school milk bottles and coat hooks.
"Nah," I replied, "not today".
It soon became apparent that he had a destination in mind so I framed my next statement subtly.
"Do you have somewhere in mind?"
See, really subtle.
"I am heading for Oakchurch," he said, and that put a smile on my face because they always have something I desperately need - even if I don't know it yet.
Too busy looking at stuff to photograph anything but we came out with a quarter of a Welsh Lamb, a butternut squash, sweet potato, and onions, a jar of diabetic jam, two pots of whipping cream (for the chocolate mousse recipe) a present for Miss Boo's birthday that I can't tell you about yet and a list of things we might buy next time.

Going there meant that we didn't have to retrace our route to get home, we could go the welsh way. Head out along the Brecon Road until Talgarth and then turn towards Abergavenny. We were fascinated by the fact that the Black Mountains had a clearly defined snowline and I spent the next eight miles trying to get a picture - Mostly I got hedge but this one is looking across the Wye Valley.

Because we live only 20 miles from Chepstow we tend to think of the Wye Valley being just that bit above Tintern Abbey (you say that with a Yorkshire accent and then say "Tis, it's a big church" never fails to make us laugh) when actually there is a huge and very beautiful valley around the river Wye in Powys - around Hay-on-Wye.

We came home and had the lamb chops for dinner with some of the butternut squash and sweet potato and then sleazed around for the rest of the evening.

My thanks to Sian at FromHighInTheSky for thinking up this way of getting me blogging, why not take a look at her Monday too


Sian said...

Hay-on-Wye is somewhere I have an ambition to visit. It sounds beautiful!

I hope you have a good week and enjoy those comestibles

Ruth said...

Ooh, Hereford! I have very fond memories of Hereford, as I spent a lot of time there during my RAF days (the camp was just outside at Credinhill).
Welsh lamb and butternut squash? Yum!

Barbara Eads said...

I envy that drive!!! There is nothing more relaxing than wandering through the countryside.We need to do it more often.