Monday 9 February 2015

Me on Monday - sleepy

It was a hurry-up and wait kind of a weekend. Neither of us wanted to go out but we had parcels to post. I had a bit of a sort out in the craft room last week so I sent three goody bags of papers and toppers and things I loved but would never use to my granddaughter who has two hostages to fortune of her own now and needs to scrapbook their lives. Watched Finding Your Roots on PBS and Call the Midwife on BBC. Didn't sleep at all well on Sunday night so when I sat down and closed my eyes for a moment at 10am today I didn't expect to wake up at 2.45pm. However, I do feel so much better now.

I cooked lasagne for tea followed by tapioca pudding - Mr M loves tapioca. I am also making him a sugar free trifle for his birthday.

So that's Me on Monday. My thanks to Sian at FromHighinTheSky for giving us the idea for the Monday roundup. Go take a look over there now that you've read this

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Sian said...

They have closed so many Post Offices round here now that going out to post parcels definitely always feels like an expedition.