Monday, 15 June 2015

Me on Monday - The Bluefunnels

 It was a day out with the Bluefunnels and the Black Country Living Museum, buy a harmonica for Miss Boo, play the legs game on the way home, stay in because of the Velathon on Sunday sort of a weekend.

Mr M once said that there are very few people that we could spend 10 or more hours in the company of and still be speaking and planning the next excursion. The Lord Admiral and his Lady are two of that exclusive band. We travelled on the Trolley Bus at the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley. It was great and the "clippie" was brilliant.

Mr M sitting at the trolley/tram/bus stop. His knees hurt - as do the knees of Lord and Lady B. I am the oldest and the only one that is pain free!

We did enjoy the shops and the houses, the pub with sawdust on the floor. Expensive but well worth a visit. As it was quite a journey from our home town we stopped at Jo's Place for breakfast and that set us up and kept us going so that we could travel the pretty way and play the legs game. Lord and Lady B were in a dead heat with 12 points when we arrived home. I came last.
We stopped in our favourite eaterie for a burger, well burgers for me and her Ladyship while the two Cs had the "All the Way" Hotdog. free refills for coffee for me and afterwards we slumped in the car and had to work hard to keep alert.

A brief stop at a garden centre for me to buy a new watering can as my old one had developed a squirt - no way it could be called a leak as the water was squirting across the garden as I was trying to fill it.

I grudgingly bought a plastic one this time. Now I am convinced that I will fill it with water and then drop it and break it. I had only had the old metal one for 40 years

Thought you might like to see my view when we are travelling in the Bluefunnels car. In our car I sit behind the driver - what? why? well, because that's the way we have always done it so that the longest legs are in the front. OH and their car has a glass roof which makes things really light but does strange things to your brain when watching the rain drops on it at 60 mph

So that's Me on Monday. This was invented by Sian at FromHighInTheSky why not pop over there and read hers now that you've read mine. This weeke she has fishlips kissing ... go on you know you want to


helena said...

I agree with your husband about the specialness of friends who you can spend 10 hours with and still be planning the next outing

Eileen T said...

I feel I should know the answer to this, but will ask anyway ... what's the leg game, please?

Sian said...

Sounds thoroughly excellent! And the harmonica? everyone needs to try it at least once in a lifetime :) Have a good week!

Alison said...

I'm intrigued by the Leg Game too! Xx