Monday, 1 June 2015

Me on Monday - CROCHET

 It was a crochet, crochet, plant bean plants, check tomato plants, refuse to cook on Saturday, crochet crochet, go shopping, cook roast beef on Sunday sort of a weekend.

We didn't see Miss Boo because this was the weekend of The Big Splash in Newport and she spent Saturday doing that while I planted and crocheted.
Sunday she was at Gang Show rehearsal and dress rehearsal and when she got home late on Sunday evening she fell into bed exhausted.

I bought a pattern for slippers here and spent a happy weekend trying different sizes. The pinky ones are small child size the next ones are large child size and the third picture shows adult size.

I love what the pattern designers call crocodile scales. Being a fantasy roleplayer of more than 30 years I call them dragon scales and I am already working out how to do wrist warmers using the stitch.
What I am wondering is how much to charge for the slippers because I want to give them to a local charity shop - one I make cards for and have supported for ten years or more - and I want an idea of what to suggest as a fair price. The yarn is not cheap and while I am happy to donate I want them to get the most money that they can get

You might notice that they are resting on a crochet knee blanket. I discovered some chunky wool in a bag in the Fornow Room and decided that it would make a really good blanket. I did a fan edging just to finish it off and now it is kind of looking for a home.

I flat out refused to cook on Saturday simply because when I asked what Mr |M fancied he said "I don't know". I then asked if he wanted that boiled, fried or roasted and guess what, yes that's right he didn't know! So I sat in my chair (elevating my legs) and crocheted while muttering that I would eat a tin of tomato soup and "They can all get their own!" A little while later the take out man arrived with fish and chips for me, pie and chips for Youngest Son and chicken and chips for Mr M. Everyone happy and fully stuffed.
Sunday we went to Costco where they always have stuff I desperately need. They have A4 size project paper and I could immediately see the potential including making pretty paper bags for the teacher gifts at the end of term. They also had, as always, beef joints so we bought a two pack and when we got home I threw one in the oven (I preheated and did all the usual stuff before throwing it in) so we had the most delicious roast beef dinner with loads of green veggies and yorkshire puds.
Then I used the new hand mixer - yes from Costco - to whisk up the instant whip for pudding. I bought a cheap hand mixer some time ago but the noise of it was so great and the pitch of noise so shrill it hurt my ears and I would use a balloon hand whisk rather than the machine so it didn't screech at me.
Costco have the Kenwood hand mixer and I love Kenwood stuff so I used the last of my Christmas money and bought it. It is so quiet and has dough hooks as well as beaters and variable speed. OH and a pulse thingy so I am in heaven. I have the Kenwood Chef for making big stuff but for beating marshmallow over boiling water I have the little one - heaven indeed.

So this is Me on Monday, invented by Sian over at FromHighInTheSky why not go over and read about her days now that you've read mine?


helena said...

any weekend with that much crochet sounds fabulous to me and I love the dragon scales - I saw a pattern for them but haven't tried it yet - but now I will

Sian said...

Smiling here at Helena's comment, because as I read that's exactly what I was thinking too. A weekend with that much crochet sounds good (and with chips and roast beef too. Two good dinners in a row, as they say round here. If I'm lucky)

Have a great week!

alexa said...

I don't know which impresses me most - your knitting of the dragon scales or the way you just refused to cook!