Monday, 3 August 2015

Me on Monday - muttering

Its been a OMG there's a RAT!!!, shut all the doors! Can you come and help us we've bought a bike for Miss Boo? what shall we have for dinner? I just have to finish blanket stitching this camp blanket kind of a weekend.

The rat was spotted first in the garden of my lovely neighbours Debbie n Joe. Isn't it odd that whenever I mention my neighbour that's the name, not just Debbie but the whole thing even though the most words I have exchange with Joe have been three hellos and a "Isn't the weather good today". Anyhoooooo. Mr M looked out of the kitchen window to see if the sparrows were still stuffing their faces on the bird feeder and to his amazement there was a rat on there filling him self up with suet balls. This morning I saw a rat outside my back door so I rang the council and guess what? They no longer have a pest control department. What sort of a council thinks that getting rid of the pest control department is a good idea? We think the rats are in our gardens because the factory just across from us has dug a trench in their yard - probably for the drains and this has disturbed the rats - Now we have to find a private pest control firm and arrange a price.

My Darling Daughter and Biker Boy have bought a new bike for Miss Boo. She had her bike stolen from their locked back yard last year so now she has a lovely new bike that is locked into the shed in the locked back yard. Miss Boo is delighted and spent most of Sunday riding up and down the pavement between her ouse and ours

We have a freezer full of food and nothing for dinner. Youngest Son was out all day on Sunday, playing golf. He has filled his holiday with doing things for other people and especially doing things for me. He has watered the tomatoes and the beans, carried things up and down stairs, done shopping in Farmfoods - that's why the freezer is full at the moment, He drove us to places when Mr M wasn't driving because of his stitches and has generally been jolly helpful. He will need another holiday to recover!
I have completed the camp blankets for my youngest grandsons. I will put pictures on here after they have received them.

Mr M is feeling much better after a week of recovery and went to work this morning. I hate it when he is out of my sight and my mind is constantly hoping it is time for him to come home - daft but true. It seems that things are back to normal here at Macey Towers.

So this is Me on Monday My thanks, as ever to Sian at FromHighInTheSky for inventing this idea and allowing us to share


Eileen T said...

Ugh, rats! Hope that's not going to be too expensive for you to sort out.

helena said...

I know that feeling of a full freezer and nothing for dinner - hope you are rat ridden soon

Patio Postcards said...

Oh rats and squirrels, who are really rats with bushy tails, do not come for any visits. A freezer full and nothing to eat made me chuckle out loud (col). I usually say that about my wardrobe! Hope you have a great week and that returning to work isn't too soon, or too much for Mr M.

Sian said...

I'm very glad to hear Mr M is feeling better. I bet he has been feeling very nicely cared for :)

Rats. Urgh. We used to get them when we lived closer to the river. yuck.

Rats permitting, have a great week!