Monday, 18 December 2017

Monday and Me - Home for the holidays

Mr M. Seen here photographing his lunch at Franco's last month, is officially off work until next year! This might not seem to be a big thing but, and here you have to take into account that we have been together for 37 years, I have always hated him going out to work.
From the moment we became a couple, and that was at my cousin Louisas wedding on Augusr 2nd 1980. I have always felt a physical wrench when he goes away from me. From the moment he goes out through the door I am waiting for him to come back.
He said recently that he has always felt the same and when I used to go to Manchester to dog sit for my daughter he would suffer from empty-armitis.

So when he arrived home from work on Friday and said he wasn't going back until January it was a real boost.
So here we are on Monday waiting until it is time to go to Ystrad Mynach so that Mr M can do his Hydrotherapy and then we can go to Morrisons and do the "ordinary" shop. The Christmas grocery shop, apparently, will be done later in the week. My eldest son has said that he and his family will be coming down from North Wales after Christmas so I can watch the children open their presents and get the chance to give my boy some of the family heirlooms to keep safe for when the children grow up. Nothing of great value just some things that belonged to my parents and grand parents that need to be shared out while I can still tell the stories.

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Ruth said...

I hope you are able to make the most of your time together over Christmas. Season's greetings to you and yours!