Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Wednesday not Monday - Blame the lurgy

I was struck by ... something on Saturday. I was suddenly so cold I was shivering and shivering so badly I couldn't hold the crochet hook! I went to bed with my trusty bettermaker quilt and on Sunday I felt even worse.
I still managed to put the chicken in the oven so that Mr M had something to eat then I retired to my chair and spent the next two days there.

Sssshhh, this is a secret until - well it's not a Christmas present it's an UN-birthday present for my great grandson. The fabric collection is called "To The Moon and Back" which I think is wonderful

I ordered a book called "Snipped Tales" for myself on Monday around midday. At 2.30pm I had a message to say it had been dispatched and it arrived on Tuesday morning. Each book is individually wrapped and has a unique label

This is the label on my book. This is the way the stories are created in the book too. with little snippets of text taken from old books and publication. I love it.
Not a lot happening here because of the lurgy although we have managed to get the craft room mostly into the Fornow room and we have a bed ready for Wicked Uncle Cliff when he arrives after Christmas. It took the efforts of three people to do this. I won't count myself in here because all I did was faff about. I even have a space to sit in there and sort through the magazines for the particular cross-stitch patterns that they were kept for. I think I might just cut them from the magazines and throw the excess in the recycling. OH,oh I could scan them and keep them on a memory stick! now that makes sense
Today I will be seeking out the single bed sheets and the duvet and pillows and getting the room ready for occupancy.

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