Monday, 4 December 2017

Monday and me - Saying goodbye to Blue Cat

This is Blue Cat. He was rescued by my daughter and Son-in-Law eighteen years ago and has lived the life of Riley with them ever since. He adored FSiL and was devoted to DD and when Miss Boo arrived he regarded her as his personal adoration machine. 
 I was Grandma and when his real hoomans went on holiday I was a useful substitute. When they moved back home from Manchester he tolerated us and soon had us all running to his timetable.
He wasn't a cuddly cat and despite his orange and white colouring he never said Miaow like an ordinary cat, he spoke like a Siamese or Burmese and it was possible to have a long conversation with him. If he decided to sit on your lap you were indeed honoured
For the last few months he has begun to show his age and when I was tea lady for the builders last week I noticed that he was a lot stiffer and his back legs seemed to be weaker. He was still strident in his calls for food and even after I explained that I was there for the builders and not for cats he didn't give up.
Last night it was his time to go over the Rainbow Bridge and as you can imagine Miss Boo was distraught. DD was doing her very best to keep it together while she sorted out what to do so Boo came to us and was cwtched by Grandpa while Mummy got on with the job of taking him to the vet for his final time. Boo has never known life without him and said "I wasn't ready, I want him back to say goodbye, I wasn't ready"

This is the first time she has been old enough to suffer a loss and it is very hard. A huge part of me wanted to wash it all away, to make it all not have happened but that small voice of reason was there in the back of my head saying that this was the best way for her to experience grief and loss. She is safe in the heart of the family and can cry and talk as much as she likes without ever being told that she should stop. She will always have a little part of her ready for this to happen again and it will never be as raw because she has done it this time.

I shall miss the old Blue Boy. I hope there are squirrels and a safe window for him to sit behind while he swears at them

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Barbara Eads said...

It's always so sad when there is a loss in the family--furry or otherwise. I was 10 when I experienced mine. I can still remember how that felt. I hope Miss Boo feels better soon.