Sunday, 31 December 2017


Eldest Son and family came to see us. We like it when this happens. I get a few precious minutes with my daughter-in-law and a lot of hugs from the children. Both grandsons are adorable and full of fun and their baby sister has reached the stage where she is beginning to compete for attention. As most children are fearless at this age (nearly two) this means that Mummy spends a lot of time grabbing her before she falls off whatever she has climbed up.
Grandpa has a box with presents!

"Look Grandma, a box of tricks!"

"He gets tricks but all they let me play with is oranges"

"Your not allowed in the kitchen until you are ten years old Miss!"
"Marmar, I found this, It was here so I had to get it"

Oh, look! It's Sooty!

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Barbara Eads said...

Grands are the BEST! I cherish the time I get to spend with mine! We don't have any babies anymore---I miss them!