Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Monday? Christmas? oh yes!

We went to Darling Daughter's for our dinner. I could get used to this tradition.
Cousin Travis sent us a fabulous print of his painting. The colours are so vibrant you can feel the heat of the High Desert in Californis. I love it!

"It's a glass", she said "Because you are not an amateur" he said.

You have to have seen the schweppes advert to appreciate her non-Amateur status with the G&T

"excuse me Grandpa, can I whisper in your ear?" We thought for a while he might have to eat dinner with a shoulder ornament but she needed the loo so he was saved

We lit the twinkly lights poured the wine and grape juice and then turned the "big light" on so we could see each other and the food

Miss Boo tucking in to her dinner - note that she has her own gravy boat, just like Grandpa

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Barbara Eads said...

Looks like you sure had a nice time with your family. Miss Boo is certainly growing up!