Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Can't get anything right

Well it seems that this is the week from ....that hot place where a snowball has more chance than me. I bought an attachment for my precious Kenwood Chef a few weeks ago and last week was the first chance to use it. This was when I discovered that it didn't work. I contacted the company and they gave me a number to ring to sort out returning the thing. This I did.
They contacted me today to say that the returns department have tested the attachment and it works fine on their Kenwood Chef with the same serial number.
Now I have to contact them again and see what to do because the darned thing wouldn't work on mine. I have remembered to take pictures of the important twirly bit (sorry to get technical here) so that we can compare and see if I was given the correct serial number for my machine.
Everything I have bought this year has required further messing about, magazines that mess up subscriptions and send confusing emails to irate women who don't read properly; Embroidery designs that are the wrong format and food processor attachments that should work but don't.
On the bright side that is three things so the nasty stuff should be satisfied now. I hope the Karma Pixies don't think I am relaxing my guard, although I have no idea what I did to tick them off.....

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Barbara Eads said...

You have had your fair share of annoyances lately. I hope you have the luck o' the Irish this weekend!!