Friday, 29 March 2013

Morning Coffee - Come on in!

Come on in! go straight through to the back of the house - sit around that side of the table and then everyone can get past if they need to. What? oh, no I am on my own today, Mr M is in work. Oh I see what you mean! there's no one else that would need to get past is there? It's a habit from when Mum and Dad lived with us. I could guarantee that if someone sat on this side of the table then Dad would appear in the doorway with Mum in the wheelchair and he wouldn't say a word, just stand and wait for everyone to jump up and push their chairs in then huddle around the other side of the table while they went into the bathroom. Those were the days eh?
Oh would you like a cookie? They are peanut butter ones, home made with proper American peanut butter courtesy of Costco. I am very pleased with them even if I do say so myself.
At this point I would probably run out of words for a brief moment and would busy myself with the kettle and the cafetiere.
I would point to the bits of fabric and the half made squares hanging over the big sewing machine and explain that after three years of not sewing a stitch I suddenly had this idea for a quilt. This will also explain the heap of bits on the table and the embroidery machine on the other end waiting for the next project. I would show you the pictures of the embroidery I intend doing on some of the squares and how I am getting Miss Em involved in a sewing project that is top secret! so please don't tell Mummy. Iwould offer more coffee and cookies and be sorry when it was time for you to leave.

After you have gone I will pour another cuppa and contemplate the fabrics, letting that part of my mind do the colour evaluation while remembering how wonderful it was to share a short part of my morning with a wonderful friend.
Thank you for joining me for morning coffee. This is part of something invented by Abi. Why not go over to her place and share a morning cuppa with her and with several other friends, I did and it was delightful


Abi said...

Thank you so much for joining in! Those cookies look amazing and I can't wait to see the results of your sewing.

Alison said...

Between baking and sewing, you are being very creative!
Alison xx

Ruth said...

Lovely post and I'm intrigued by the big surprise! And guess what I made this evening ~ peanut butter cookies! The Boy Child and I are waving off Deb and Carrie at the airport tomorrow, and as she (Deb) gave me the recipe in the first place, I thought it would be fun to complete the circle!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Thanks for having us over!

Sian said...

The cookies do look delicious!

I could in turn tell you our hair raising tales of what my Mum has wheeled over in her chair. Usually we rush to tuck everything under our arms before she reaches it - handbags, Little E, that kind of thing