Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Customer Service? Wrong!

I renewed my subscription for Scrap365 last December. They didn't tell me that there was a problem with the card until January when I asked where the next issue of the mag was. The problem was that they didn't take the money when I paid it and the card ran out so I had to pay with the new card - not my fault. They then took the money and I waited. I contacted them and had no reply. I went to their website on March 12th when I saw a new cover picture for the April May issue was on their blog. I asked why I still hadn't had my Feb/March issue. This is their reply

Subject: Re: My Subscription

Thank you for your enquiry. We have examined our records and found that your previous subscription ended with the December 2012 edition which was the last monthly issue and, regrettably, when your renewal order was processed, the new start issue was incorrectly entered.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the error and take this email as confirmation that we have now altered the renewal start issue to the February/March 2013 edition and arranged for this and the upcoming, April/May '13 issue to be despatched. The remainder of your subscription will then arrive without incident.   

Kind Regards,

Retail Sales Manager.

I then shot off this reply. I probably won't get an answer because it is a bit loud and shouty but I am so cross at being deprived of a mag that I quite like - I am rapidly going off it though

So that means I don’t get the February march issue at all? Well that does make me cross! I lose out because someone in your company messed up. Thanks very much, I’ll remember to tell all my crafting friends about this.
Do I sound cross and grumpy? I certainly hope so because I have been trying to bring attention to this since January! And now I don’t get the magazine because your computer software has not been designed to cope with your mistakes and cannot generate the instructions to someone to put a copy in the post to me.
Customer service? Is that what you call it?
Well, I am a customer but I am still waiting for proper service.



Lucya said...

Good luck! Things like that make my blood boil too.

Barbara Eads said...

THat email from the magazine sounds to me like you are getting the Feb/March issue, just getting it late. At least I hope so!

Sian said...

I didn't know what I was going to say to this..and then I got to the end and realised that maybe I can help after all. I have a couple of copies of the Feb issue, if you'd like one? If your copy from the horses mouth so to speak doesn't arrive, just give me a shout