Saturday, 11 May 2013

Porthcawl for lunch it is then...

We went to the Post Office this morning, Mr M and me. I needed to post a packet to Spain as part of the Great Big Swap of very small stuff See here for my reaction to receiving a package

So that is safely on its way to Alison.
Then as I climbed back into the car I wondered where we would go next. Mr M had that "Man With A Purpose" glint in his eye and sure enough we turned left out of the car park instead of the usual right turn for home. Then at the traffic lights we turned right.... curious. Over the George Street Bridge and along Cardiff Road and I couldn't keep quiet any longer.

"Are we heading anywhere in particular?" I asked

A miserable Porthcawl day
"I thought we'd go and see if Buyology was re-opened," he replied, "they said they were closing at the beginning of March and would re-open in April." He glanced sideways at me and grinned. "It's May now so I think we have given them long enough."

I agreed. I love Buyology, they always have loads of stuff I desperately need. Like 100% cotton knickers and a little easel thingy perfect for holding pages when you want to photograph them, and a square suet block holder for the birdies in the front garden and some lovely trainer socks that might actually stay on my feet and not keep rolling into a ball in my shoe like the really expensive ones do. Oh and the set of five dice with a shaker and a pack of cards just perfect for Miss M to have her own Yahtsee game and to practise shuffling for when we have card nights.
The Blue Dolphin Cafe

 With all the goodies stashed in the back of the car we headed towards the main road. Then a Sunday driver meandered into the road in front of us, caused several heart stopping moments and made us decide to go left to get away from him. The next thing I knew we were on the M4 heading west.

At first I suggested going to the Gower. I love the Gower but the wind was so blustery and we could see a car towing a caravan up ahead was having real problems so as the turning for Porthcawl was just ahead I suggested lunch there instead.

can you see why I had to take
this picture? it made me laugh
We went to the Blue Dolphin. It used to be a lovely beachside cafe with good food and a real seaside atmosphere. Now it just feels old and very tired. Yes they have decaff coffee. It's instant, spooned straight from a huge tin into a mug. "I make it with creamer, that's ok darl' yeah?" I nodded because I was too stunned not to. We had fish and chips and peas.... tinned peas - but you expect those in Porthcawl. We sat at while Mr M stared out at the grey sky and greyer water of the channel I watched as the waitress appeared from a doorway and carried a plate to the only other customer. After ten minutes she came out again carrying a plate towards us. My fish and chips. She disappeared and three minutes later - yes I did time her - she came out again with another plate for Mr M. The chips were good, the fish a bit over cooked and the peas, well it took a jolly good shaking of the bottle but I eventually got enough vinegar out not to care what the peas tasted like.
We have now crossed the blue Dolphin off our list of eateries, which is really sad because it used to be so good.

Then, as we climbed back into the car and sat for a moment I spotted the sign at the entrance to the funfair. It made me smile and I told Mr M not to drive off until I had managed to get a picture. He wanted to know why so I told him to "Read Every Word". He did and he laughed too. This will be added to the album of signs that made us chuckle.

Home again, home again, jiggety jig.


Missus Wookie said...

The peas would have to be bad for me to add vinegar... Tis always a shame when places go downhill.

Lesley McDade said...

Like the sound of Buyology - I don't know that we have anything similar up here in the North East of Scotland. Sounds like a fabby day out - the last time I had fish n ships was a day trip to John O'Groats. We got off the train at Conon Bridge - ran to the chip shop in 6 minutes, got half a fish each as there was only one fish fried, got to the bus stop with 6 minutes to spare to get bus home - wolfed down fish n chips - nice and hot just like I like them which rounded off a very nice day out - so I am pleased you had fish n chips and a nice day out too. Days to remember ...

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a sweet man to give you such a wonderful day out!

Barbara Eads said...

That really sounds like a fun day---just rambling! We need to do that---but everyone is always so darn busy. I've never heard of putting vinegar on peas and am not sure I want to try it!

Becky said...

I love vinegar on baked beans! Glad you had a nice day out - like the sound of Buyology!

Alison said...

Ooh! I'll be watching the postbox now!.....sounds like a lovely day out...and now I want some fish and chips!
Alison xx