Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Problem is.... The Problem

You know the one I am talking about. How to persuade a brand new state of the art, all singing, all dancing A3 printer to print an A4 booklet at A4 size onto one A3 sheet.
I mean how hard can it be? a four page booklet should print so that you have pages 1 and 4 on the one side of the paper and 2 and 3 on the other, yes? Yes! and eventually it did just that... except. Well there's always that exception isn't there?
It printed pages 4 and 1 on the one side. Then it muttered for a moment and took the paper back into its mysterious innards. Then it muttered a bit more and then it printed pages 2 and 3. Hurrah! I thought at last I have cracked it!

Then I looked at the result

As you can see Page one of the template printed out perfectly.

I turned to the other side and my brain did one of those funny little "what-the-heck!?" wobbles.

I took a look at page 1 again. Yes, I am holding the paper the right way up the title and all the boxes are all there. then I turned it as I would turn the page of a newsletter or booklet and page 2 is definitely


"Oh for goodness sake!" I said quietly (actually I lied just then, I used the same number of words but one of them was replaced with the F word)

Mr M had been helping me - expanding the paper tray and swapping the A4 and A3 papers - He raised one eyebrow at my potty-mouth but then agreed when he saw what the stupid printer had done. We spent a while trying to work out how it had done it. Then we put the stupid paper in the stupid bin and turned our backs on the stupid printer and went to FB where we crushed some candy for a while just to get rid of the pent up aggression (our excuse ok?)

The the problem is still there. I know it is one of the settings on the printer and I suspect I know which one. If anyone out there has a Brother MFC-J59100W A3printer/scanner/copier/fax and knows how to make it print a four page A4 booklet onto one A3 page with all the pages the same way up I would be grateful for a step by step tutorial. In the meantime I think I'll go back to bed and let my marvellous brain cogitate on it for a while


Sian said...

How hard can it be? way too hard for me! The fact that you are even giving it a go impresses me mightily..

Barbara Eads said...

I never did figure out how to do something like that. Years ago, I was making a family cookbook and ended up taking it to Kinko's and paying a fortune!! Sounds like you have it half figured out. Good luck with it.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I giggled at the idea of your potty mouth. Best of luck,