Saturday, 25 May 2013

Slimbridge Wetlands and Wildfowl Trust

Because my favourite son-in-law is working a night shift over the bank holiday it was decided that we would leave him to sleep and take Miss Em and Mummy out for the day.
First we did some shopping - Have I said before that I HATE shopping? Well, I do I would sooner do housework, and I never do housework. Mummy had to nip into town to see her friend Thomas Cooke about something that's happening next year so we took Miss Em and went to Morrisons. I suppose if I have to shop then this is the place and having Miss Em with us meant we could park in the parent and child slot. For the Win!

In case I get over excited
Then we came home scanned the shopping ( I am a panel member for shopandscan and get points to spend for scanning my shopping and downloading it to them. I spend them on books for my kindle) and put it away. Then we put some bottles of water and some olive bread into the cold box and as soon as Mummy came through the door we were off for a ride.

We had decided to take them to Slimbridge. It's only just across the old Severn Bridge and even though it opened in 1946 I have never been there before. On the way we saw yellow signs on the side of the road telling us about the Downy Ducklings days May25 - June 2. Mummy kept telling us that she wanted a downy duckling please and getting jolly excited about it too. Please keep in mind that Mummy didn't know where we were going.
quite right

Because we were travelling at speed we didn't get to read all the sign at once so it wasn't until just before the turning for Slimbridge that we saw the bottom of the sign that said Slimbridge WWT.

"Oh I want to see the downy ducklings!" she yelled.

"They are at Slimbridge" I said

"Can we go there! please!" she cried (bear in mind that she is 47 and ought to know better)
welly boot land

"We are going there," I replied

 Loud sounds of woot!WOOT! from both Mummy and Miss Em and then Mummy said

"It's a good job you didn't tell me earlier I might have got over excited!"

And we laughed all the way to the canal bridge.. The rest of the day was marvellous but could not hope to be better than that five minutes in the car. In fact I was sitting here going through the photographs from today and I thought "Over Excited" and had to chuckle. Mr M who was sitting at his computer raised his eyebrow so I said "over excited" and he chuckled too. With that my phone whistled at me and it was Mummy telling me that she had just made herself laugh thinking about Over excited.....


Jane said...

I love going to Slimbridge.

Sian said...

Slimbridge? Now, I've never been; but my Mum visited many years ago and for some reason it made such an impression on her that she turned it into one of those family stories we used to hear when we were little.

Becky said...

I loved reading this, made me smile :-)